Your 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

I LOVE the holidays. All my friends and family know when the Holiday season hits – it’s my favorite time of the year. The décor, the gatherings, the food, the celebrations. But I think most of all, the energy the Holiday season brings to us. It’s a time to show love and appreciation; it’s a time to gather with friends and family — it’s such a magical time of the year. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE surprising others, so what better way than sharing my favorite Top 20 Holiday Gifts. I’ve been able to team up with some of these fantastic small business owners to offer you a special discount. {Please note, some of these gifts are affiliate links*}.

1. When it comes to energy, I am highly sensitive to it. I’m a big lover of anything that helps lift the energy in my space. An easy and great way to do that is with a Salt Lamp*!

And we have these in all our bathrooms

2. Another beautiful way to clear energy and set forth your day is with Tingsha Bells*. When we bring these bells together, creating a beautiful sound, this sound creates a vibration freeing any stuck energy.

3. Crystals crystals crystals. Where do I begin? I love crystals, and I am always finding new ways to work with Crystals. This is a fabulous Holiday gift — Crystal Bar Soap. This is a small female-owned company ✅, and now I can add crystals to my morning shower ✅ Head over to and use code JENNYSHANKS to enjoy 10% off. 

4. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I LOVE my crystal healing energy by the fabulous Sarah Balmer with Sarah Belle Style. Head over to her NEW and & incredible site, using code JENNYSHANKS to enjoy 15% off your order.

5. For the ultimate Holiday gift, treat your loved one with this fantastic bundle. Sarah Belle and I launched this at the beginning of the year, and it’s been one of my favorite things to share. Enjoy a zodiac charm necklace that is a high-quality, gold-filled, over sterling silver chain necklace that features a matte, gold-plated zodiac charm. It is 16″ in length and is perfect for everyday wear and for layering. It will quickly become your fav! It comes with a quartz crystal to infuse your intention for manifesting your deepest desires. Bundled with the necklace and crystal is a colorful sage bundle, and a 30-minute reading from with me {readings can be done in-person, on the phone or video chat}.

6. For that spiritual lover who loves to enjoy music while getting into a meditative state. Crystal singing bowls are a beautiful way to enjoy those benefits. This is one of my favorite crystal singing bowls for grounding yourself*.

7. My morning routine starts with a warm cup of tea. I love this tea* and it’s amazing messages. Pair, it with my favorite hot water kettle and store your teas in this beautiful bamboo tea box

8. If you are local to southern Indiana and Louisville, this is the perfect gift to get the mom, sister, daughter, wife, girlfriend — a gift certificate from Body and Brow Boutique. Not only are they fabulous at waxing, but their customer service is also BY FAR the best in town. These girls are passionate about what they do, and they love their customers.

And they are opening an express facial bar {in Louisville} soon.

9. Angel & Oracle cards are such a simple yet magical gift to share with others. Here’s a kit full of my favorites*

10. Educating yourself about the products you put on your body is soooo important. It’s crazy to learn all the harmful chemicals out there. Beautycounter uses the least amount of chemicals possible, creating a healthier world, and safer products.

11. Your crystal lover will LOVE this book — crystals and the cycles of the moon! You can’t go wrong with this fantastic guide!*

12. My all-time favorite reusable water bottle* — and I’m sure your Holiday love will love it as much as I do

For a smaller version and for the kiddos

13. I’m totally a graphic tee girl. Jeans & a graphic tee is totally something you’ll find me in. This is my new favorite and true to size*. A beautiful reminder we are loved!

14. For that crystal lover who’s looking for ways to add crystals into their life — you must grab this book, Crystal Muse*. It’s amazing for crystal beginners.

15. Crystals need to be cleansed and cleared & so does your space. This beautiful crystal cleansing smudge set is a great stocking stuffer! And use code JENNYSHANKS to enjoy a fantastic discount. 

16. One of the questions I get asked ALL THE TIME is, what does this number mean when I see. This book* by Kyle Gray answers all those questions

17. In need of some stocking stuffer ideas — you’re welcome! {And use code JENNYSHANKS to get a discount}

18. Who doesn’t love a good coffee {tea} mug to add to their collection? Hello — let’s start the morning in a Zen state of mind other options —

19. This cushion is an amazing meditation cushion*. I use it daily in my sacred space.      Here are a few other options —

20. Gift a beautiful reading session to your loved ones.


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