Since recently sharing I’m a Spiritual Medium with others. I get asked often “what do you really do and what’s involved in a reading?”


Let’s start with what I actually do. A medium is someone that connects with others who have crossed over and are in the spirit world. I provide evidence Spirit shares with me to draw a connection and establish this is a loved one of yours.


Clients who come to me are usually looking to hear from a loved one. Sometimes it’s simply to see if they are ok on the other side, other times it is to help guide them in their own personally life; health, career, relationships, etc. Often times this helps with any healing that needs to take place. {Learn more about my story of connecting with my grandfather on my “about” page}.


After we have booked your appointment, that is my “contract” with the spirit world to let them know I am open and willing to receive whatever message they would like to share. I often get asked do I hear voices in my head. The answer is no, because I see and feel spirit. Spirit shares a lot; everything from situations in your current life, memories from the past and things to look for in the future. At times during the reading, things will make complete sense to you. Other times, not so much. I always tell clients don’t dismiss the things that aren’t connecting for you in the moment. This doesn’t mean it won’t connect with you in the future.


My goal is for you to walk away after our time together with a feeling of peace and comfort. I’m not a doctor, psychologist, counselor or any of the above. But I know I’m a healer, and my light of healing is helping to connect you with your loved ones.


Our loved ones are in a conscious world, they feel you when you’re happy, sad, in pain or confused. They guide you through life (how do you think we met?), it is often because Spirit has placed us together. Now I’m not here to prove to you what I do or conceive you of my gift. But I am here to share, this is a gift I have been granted and a gift I’m now open and willing to receive. And if it just to happens to be you I get to share this gift with, let me start by saying thank you. Thank you for allowing me to connect with your loved ones.


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