The Virgo New Moon takes place Friday, August 30, 2019. The season of Virgo is a time to find our inner uniqueness; the skills, talents, perspectives, and energy that make us unique. Virgo teaches us that once we tune into those gifts, we can then be of true service to the world. Our contribution will be both rewarding while simultaneously maintaining healthy boundaries.

Aug New Moon


The first lesson during this season is to recognize our true gifts within. Sometimes we overlook those gifts, but during the Virgo Season search within to discover what you can contribute to the world.

The second lesson is to know in your heart of hearts that your gift or talent is already good enough. You don’t need to perfect it or feel like you have
imposter syndrome. Own your talents and gifts. If you?re still feeling insecure about sharing your gifts, create a mantra, such as “I am good enough”. Say this mantra to yourself every day.

Once we recognize our gifts and talents and feel confident in sharing them, Virgo’s third lesson is structure. In order to give of yourself while still taking care of yourself, you?ll need to create some healthy boundaries. You must learn when to say no and be ok with it. Some questions to ask yourself could be:

  • Do I put other’s needs above my own?
  • Do I manage my time wisely?
  • Do I give myself time to rest, heal, and refocus?

Virgo is an Earth sign and her energy helps us organize and prioritize our life. Spend some time this season looking at your calendar and work in some non-negotiable items for yourself, such as a massage, meditation, or rest.


People with their Sun in Virgo are both intuitive and empathetic. They also take great care in perfecting their gifts and need to be careful not to fall prey to perfectionism. Here are 8 tips for overcoming perfectionism and aligning the spirit.

  1. Begin. Don’t wait for the perfect time to start something. Just begin. Often times we feel like we have to wait until we are perfect at something before we can offer our services, but by simply starting, instincts take over. Don’t overthink it. Just begin.
  2. Celebrate Every Victory. Be sure to celebrate every win along the way, even the small ones. What’s the point of the journey if we don?t recognize our accomplishments and celebrate them?
  3. Don’t Get Caught in the Weeds. Often times we get caught up in trying to make sure everything is perfect instead of seeing the big picture. Take time to take a step back and see the beauty of the journey. Don’t spend too much time worrying about the small stuff.
  4. Embrace Failures. Instead of seeing failures as something negative, see it as a learning opportunity. Every failure is a lesson waiting to be learned. They are so important for our growth and learning. So, embrace the failures.
  5. Accept the Past. Perfectionism creates fear of regret. We become so afraid of making a mistake and living with the regret that we just don’t try anything at all. We falsely believe if we can just perfect something, we won’t have to feel regret. By learning to accept the past, trusting in the flow of life, we are able to move forward.   
  6. Balance Work/Life. The more we work, the more time we try to perfect ourselves. By balancing work with fun, we allow ourselves a new perspective.
  7. Avoid Comparison. Comparison creates unattainable goals. It makes us feel that we aren’t good enough and can fuel perfectionism. Learn to love yourself and what makes you unique. Bring the focus back to yourself and your goals.
  8. Be OK with Asking for Help. Always try your best but learn to be ok with asking for help.

New Moon Rituals

If you would like a FREE guided New Moon Ritual, grab yours here.

For a more in-depth New Moon ritual,grab it here.

Crystal Recommendations for the Virgo New Moon

Use these suggested crystals to raise your vibrations and allow yourself to feel grounded and calm.

Smokey Quartz — Smokey Quartz will help you become grounded and release negativity. It’ll help you get rid of unwanted feelings, including perfectionism. Use it when you feel yourself criticizing and critiquing yourself by holding it in your hand as you meditate.

Smokey Quartz vibrates to the mantra “I am grounded”.

Amazonite — Amazonite is a calming stone. When feeling stressed by choices and decisions, use it to meditate with. It will help bring clarity to your thoughts. Amazonite is also great for manifestation. Make sure you have some near you when envisioning how you want your life to go.

Amazonite vibrates to the mantra “I am calm”.


Unakite helps you move forward by removing blockages caused by past vibrations. It can remove ties we have to old ways of thinking and old habits. Do you feel something holding you back from pursuing your dreams — Use this stone to help break you free.

Unakite vibrates to the mantra “I am free”.