Your intuition is the ultimate guide in your life, so it’s important to create the space to lean into a ritual which strengthens that relationship. Your third eye is like a muscle, if you don’t continue to work with it, it will lose its  strength. Making a commitment weekly or monthly is the dedication you need to trust the results. 


  • Clearing Tool(s)
  • Crystal(s): 1 Amethyst, Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz 
  • Essential Oil(s): Lavender, Clary Sage and/or Frankincense 
  • Notebook + Pen
  • Optional: Device to listen to music or guided meditation
  • Optional: Warm cup of tea. I love the meditation moment or third eye chakra tea from Buddha Tea!

Note: Before working with any crystals you’ll want to make sure to clear and program them. Check out this blog with ways to clear your crystals. 



Third Eye Ritual Guided Steps:

Step One: Program

Program your Crystals. You’ll program your crystals for activating your third eye. Hold your crystal(s) crystals as you close your eyes and say aloud:

“To the Universe, my higher self and the highest vibration of light and love, please connect to my higher self.  I command these crystals to hold the intention of activating my third eye, strengthening my intuition and creating the space of clarity for me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

Step Two: Set the Space

It’s always important to clear the space you will be working in too. Smudging the room or using any other type of clearing tools really sets the intention to start fresh with the ritual work. If you are new to smudging, here’s a great blog guiding you through those steps. 

If you have chosen to have a candle during this ritual, light it with intention around the bathtub.

Step Three: Prepare

Prepare Your Water. Always start with intention as you run your bathwater. If you are using essential oils to support your ritual, add a few drops and then place your crystals around the bathtub. 

  • Lavender – provides support in relaxing the mind and opening up to meditation.
  • Clary Sage – often known to lift the veil of the third eye creating clarity
  • Frankincense – the connection to spirit breaking down the walls of past allowing the light in.

Step Four: Enjoy!

As you immerse yourself into your bathwater continue to hold the intention of connecting and opening your third eye and leaning into the connection with your intuition. Once you sit down into the water, take a deep breath in as you place your hands in prayer over your heart. 

I enjoy listening to one of these guided audios to continue with the frequency and intentional work of opening the third eye. Mantra for Opening the Third Eye or Third Eye Chakra Seed Mantra OM Chants

Step Five: Surrender

Surrendering to the beauty of this ritual will allow you to experience its full magic. You may find you want to journal anything that came through your ritual experience. Often without thought, messages from our higher self, the Universe, and divine light come through. As this happens, journaling any messages that may have stood out to you supports your third eye connection. 

Step Six: Closing

As you complete this ritual, it’s important to formally close out the energetics of the work. You can simply do so by saying “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” aloud and then drain your bath water. 

I love to place my hands in prayer as I say “thank you” as an ode to honoring all the support shared with me.

In Summary

You can repeat this ritual as often as you want to build the connection and trust with your third eye and intuition. Just remember, our intuition will never let us down. If you enjoy this ritual, I’d love to connect. Make sure to tag me on Instagram @spiritual_medium_jenny or Facebook in our Be The Light group!