The Taurus Full Moon on Tuesday, November 12, 2019, is a time to reflect on how we nourish ourselves, including our creativity, peace, and intuition. Taurus teaches us that this nourishment is the foundation for building the life of our dreams.

We build this dream life by staying rooted in ourselves and regularly nurturing and feeding our souls. This Full Moon, ask yourself, what enables you to feel content with your life? What makes you feel grateful, and how does this keep you in the present moment?

The Season of Scorpio can bring many storms and the Taurus Full Moon reminds us that we can weather any storm because we are safe and secure within ourselves. During this Full Moon, be sure to feel your strength and know that no matter what life throws at you, you can center yourself.

Start to realize what can throw you off-center and disrupt your peace so that you can release that from your life. Let go of anything that distracts you from your own inner peace.

Taurus Full Moon

Take this time during the Full Moon to realize you are your greatest resource. Your knowledge, your energy, what makes you unique; those are your greatest assets, and no one can take those away from you. Take the time to really understand your self-worth.

This Full Moon also take stock of your attachments to your comfort zones. A lot of the time we think our comfort zones are there to nurture us, but in fact, they prevent us from growing. These comfort zones can be relationships, people, or jobs. But in actuality, they are holding us back and keeping us from seeing our potential. The familiar is comfortable, and growth is usually quite the opposite. But we need to learn to trust ourselves and our intuition and know that we are our greatest resource. We can always bring ourselves back home, back to center.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury plays a significant role in this Full Moon, as it’s currently retrograde. As Mercury just crossed the face of the Sun the day before the Full Moon, it created an energy of clearing and renewing.

Mercury Retrograde is known for breaking down our systems of communication, and while this can be frustrating, it can also be a time to feel into our hidden truths. Take this opportunity to look at our thoughts and what we tell ourselves. It’s a great time to realign our communication with ourselves and others.

A Mercury Retrograde during a Full Moon is so powerful in that we can really take this time to shift our inner dialogue. Think about what mantras you say to yourself several times a day. How do they affect you? Do they impact your vibration? Do they encourage you to leave your comfort zone? What triggers these mantras? How do you react to them? How does this impact you over time?

If you have found that you need to shift these mantras, this Full Moon will make it easier to begin to change them. You?ll find it easier to release the negative mantras and replace them with something else. This may be difficult, but be willing to face this challenge head-on, knowing your ability to trust and rely on yourself.

Taurus Meditation

Meditation during the Taurus Full Moon will help ground you in the present moment. Often times our thoughts make meditation a challenge and can sometimes take years to master. One way to master these thoughts is to give them attention before you begin to meditate.

Hear Your Thoughts

Begin the process by writing down all of your consistent thoughts. This will include all of your fears, worries, your to-do lists, etc? Just allow all of these thoughts to flow out of you onto the piece of paper. Resist the urge to filter any of these thoughts. Just write them all out, like you?re purging your mind.
Don’t worry about grammar or spelling. The important thing is to just get all your thoughts out, emptying your mind.

Mantra Meditation

This meditation is a great way to infuse your new, positive mantras you’ve developed to replace the old, negative ones. On the Taurus Full Moon, repeat these phrases or mantras for five minutes as a way of introducing them into your energetic field. Feel free to adjust any of these mantras to fit your needs.

I am present

I forgive myself

I am focused on the now

I am worthy

I am ready

As uncomfortable as growth may be, squeezing into spaces you’ve outgrown is even more uncomfortable.

            -Spirit Daughter

Full Moon Rituals

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Crystals for the Taurus Full Moon

  • Chrysocolla — Chrysocolla reminds us to check out of everyday life and spend time with our inner spirit. It also symbolizes new beginnings and inspires us to sow the seeds of inspiration.
  • Selenite — Selenite will help you unblock any stagnant energy. It’s known for connecting to the third eye, crown, and transpersonal and Etheric chakras. It promotes honesty which can help you to be honest with yourself as you clear any blockages holding you back.
  • Rose Quartz — Rose Quartz is strongly linked with compassion and unconditional love. Use this to enhance the love for yourself as you look within.