Understand the powerful benefits of your solar plexus chakra and healing. Your solar plexus chakra is the third chakra and is connected to the Earth element of fire. It is associated with self-esteem, willpower, and self-confidence. For this reason, understanding your solar plexus chakra, including how to identify when it may be blocked and how to maintain a healthy solar plexus chakra, is important for your overall well-being.

Understanding your solar plexus chakra and healing

The solar plexus chakra is the third chakra, also known as Manipura, and is located in your navel area. Your solar plexus chakra is considered the energy center of your body – which correlates directly with its yellow color and its connection to the Earth element of fire. It helps regulate the energy within your body. This is also the area where personal power, self-belief, and self-worth are sourced. When your solar plexus chakra is healthy, you are full of confidence, radiating with positive energy – one could say you are glowing with confidence like the sun!

Signs that your solar plexus chakra may be blocked

When your solar plexus chakra is blocked, you may exhibit one or more of the following behaviors or symptoms:

  • Excessive fatigue and laziness.
  • Feelings of hopelessness, helplessness or to the opposite end, excessive control and authoritative, bullying behavior.
  • Lack of direction and purpose.
  • Insecurity, anxiety, and fear.
  • Poor self-image.
  • Victim mentality, pessimistic behavior.
  • Lack of self-worth, feelings of inadequacy.
  • Feel powerless and weak.
  • Excessive weight around your stomach area.
  • Digestive disorders.
  • Lack of boundaries.

Signs of a healthy, open solar plexus chakra

When your solar plexus chakra is healthy and open, you may exhibit the following behaviors:

  • Able to speak up for yourself.
  • Exhibit self-control.
  • Positive self-image.
  • Exhibit confidence and a strong inner drive.
  • Ability to keep moving forward even with setbacks.
  • Independent.

How to heal and balance your solar plexus chakra

Below are a few suggestions for balancing and healing your solar plexus chakra.

  • Meditate while visualizing a yellow glowing light in your solar plexus region. Visualize this yellow light growing and feel its warmth. Repeat mantras of self-confidence and self-assurance.
  • Engage in self-care through exercise and nutrition.
  • Dress for success.
  • Try something new to push you out of your comfort, or safe, zone.
  • Journal – taking note of fears that repeatedly come up and spend time asking yourself how can you let go of these fears in order to open up space for more positive energy.
  • Spend time in the sun, safely, of course.

Crystals and your solar plexus chakra

  • Citrine – This stone is known as the money stone. It is believed to elevate optimism and energy, bringing you to a place of opportunity, prosperity, and abundance. Citrine is known to work with the solar plexus chakra. A rather unique stone because it doesn’t absorb the negative energy, it clears it — creating happiness and light in your space. This stone will rid yourself of fear and self-doubt so you can take on challenges with a sense of optimism.
  • Amber— Although technically not a crystal, Amber is one of the best minerals to use for the Solar Plexus. Its powers of purification easily help physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blockages in this chakra, and the feelings of warmth it gives off support a positive mental attitude.
  • Pyrite — This stone also known as Fool’s Gold works with us to align our energy of abundance. Attract an abundance of good luck and positivity in love, business or your personal life by connecting to the pyrite stone properties. The energy of pyrite stones can carry away self-limiting beliefs and negative thoughts allowing you to focus on the things that matter most. This stone is like a financial advisor and life coach as it encourages you to go for the gold! It’s also a great negative energy protective shield.

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