Pisces Full Moon; Friday, September 13, 2019

This Full Moon, a Water Moon, belongs to Pisces. Full Moons allow us to create balance both externally and internally. Before that balance can occur, however, we often feel intense emotional instability as we go through this shift in emotions. With this being a Water Moon, it can feel even more emotional than other Full Moons. But this can be a good thing, forcing us to bring our emotions to a head so that we can feel them, understand them, and shift them.

Along with the emotional release, Full Moons can also bring closure to other energies. We can often see something coming to completion or close the door to an old way of being and reacting. It can be a time of powerful transformation.

Pisces reminds us that we are simply an energetic vibration, along with everything around us. We are everything and yet nothing all at the same time. According to Pisces, the world is an amazing dream, and we are the dreamers. We are the painters of our reality.

So, during a Pisces Full Moon, she brings us the energy to let go of limitations, and truly create the reality we desire. The key to embracing this energy is to remember that your feelings and thoughts do not define you; they are not your true vibration. You have the power to choose how you feel. During this Full Moon, find a new awareness about yourself by asking how you can step away from your emotions and reactions. How can you let go of the limitations you?ve placed upon yourself to finally realize everything you ever wanted is already yours because you are everything? By truly letting go of these limitations, we embrace the truth of Pisces: trust and surrender.

Pisces Circle

Set up your Moon Circle in a quiet location. This can be either inside or outside. Be sure to incorporate all of the elements, but especially the Earth and Water elements.

  • Earth
    • For Pisces
      • Amethyst
      • Aquamarine
      • Labradorite
    • For Virgo
      • Smokey Quartz
      • Azurite
      • Green Jade
  • Water
    • Room diffuser
    • Vase with flowers
    • Metal bowl with water
  • Fire
    • Candles
    • Outside fire
  • Air
    • Auric sprays
    • Feathers to fan smudge sticks
    • Windchimes

Create an outline with your objects, anchoring the four directions, north, south, east, and west, with either a crystal or a candle. If you’re creating an altar, set it up in the westerly part of the circle.

Make the circle large enough for you and anyone else joining you to fit inside the circle. Cleanse the area with sage or palo santo by starting at the Easterly point and moving clockwise. As you do this, imagine a white light protecting the circle from any outside energies. Light your candles and center the circle with some crystals.

If you have guests, cleanse each of them and then yourself before entering the circle. Once you are all inside the circle, pause for a moment to let the energy settle before you begin.

Start by having each member introduce themselves. Then discuss the astrological energy and how it is affecting each of you. Give plenty of space for each person to speak and follow up with meditation.

Close the circle by giving thanks to everyone and to the elements for supporting you, and for the energy of the universe for guiding you along the way.

Full Moon Rituals

Full Moon Ritual

If you would like a FREE guided Full Moon ritual, grab yours here.

If you would like a more in-depth Full Moon ritual, grab that here.

Crystals for the Pisces Full Moon

  • Amethyst. Use amethyst as a stone of protection; to shield your energy field against negative influences. It will also strengthen your imagination, inspiring creativity, and passion.
  • Aquamarine. Aquamarine is the stone of courage. It will help quiet the mind, reduce stress, and clear confusion. Use this stone to soothe your fears and access your intuition.
  • Labradorite. Use this stone to help open up your third eye, giving you more access to your intuitive abilities. This will help you when it?s time to release those emotions and trust and surrender to Pisces.