Sunday, October 27, 2019, is the New Moon for Scorpio. During this New Moon, take time to embrace your most intuitive self. Scorpio is an energy full of intensity, magic, mystery, and strength.

During Scorpio, you must be strong enough to face the struggles of life. Allow yourself to be inspired to feel all your emotional energies, face your demons, and rise from the ashes. Learn to face a new day with the determination to face it with a new understanding of yourself.

Everything in life, even our emotions are energy. Anything we feel at any given moment is the same energy at its core. Knowing this makes it possible to shift from one emotion to another. Scorpio allows our intuition to shine, making it easier to go into our next great evolution.

We all know that growth is not comfortable. It’s not easy and can be full of struggle. Scorpio teaches us to welcome the struggle. That struggle is what makes us stronger. Use this season to really analyze your feelings. Don’t shy away from them. If you are unhappy, admit it. If you want something, admit it. Once you take note of your feelings, realize you have the power to transform your feelings into any energy you desire. Realize you?re not held hostage by your feelings. Use them as fuel to become something else.

Take this time during the New Moon as an opportunity to change your patterns and create new ones. This moon is about the process, not the results. Focus on the process, feel each step of your evolution, and stay present instead of focusing on the finish line. Spend some time journaling, allowing yourself to explore all your emotions. Listen to your body and take note of how it reacts when you feel a certain emotion. By taking note of these reactions, you can learn from them and eventually change how you react to them. To change a pattern, just respond differently to an emotion. For example, if you always react to an energy like sadness in a certain way, see yourself reacting in a different way. Start to create a different version of you based on your new responses. You must learn to change your conditioned patterns.

You can see this process as a series of steps.

  1. Understand your emotions.
  2. Clearly see your reactions to these emotions.
  3. Choose to change your reaction to these emotions.
  4. After observing how you respond, form a new pattern of response.

For example, through this process, you can eventually change anxiety to excitement, sadness into creativity, and anger into motivation. You create your reality.

Tools for Energetic Transformation

Breath. We can use our breath to transform our energy. Use it to free up those low vibration feelings. As we move our energy through the breath, begin to notice if you are starting to feel differently.

Movement. Any kind of movement will also move energy. Some examples are Yoga, tai chi, running, walking. Just get up and get moving. Circulate that energy and free up those blocks.

Slow Down. Take some time this season to slow down, be present in the moment, and feel your emotions as you move through life.

Change Your Verbiage. What we say carries vibration. Change what you say in certain situations to shift your energy. Challenge yourself to reword certain phrases like “I have to” to “I get to”, etc.. Saying things differently will change how you feel, empowering you and will bring positivity into your life.

Relaxation. Slowing down and learning how to relax is a powerful but overlooked tool. Tension in the body can be felt, such as in tight shoulders or back pain. These physical feelings can elicit fear or anxiety. Learning to relax, we can change the pattern which causes us to feel fear or anxiety.

Gratitude. Gratitude is so magical. If you can feel genuine gratitude, then you can transform any emotion.

Lessons from Scorpio

  • Magic is real, and so is energy.
  • Life expands in proportion to your courage.
  • Emotions are gateways to intuition.
  • You have the power to create and transform your reality.

New Moon Rituals

If you would like a FREE guided New Moon Ritual, grab yours here.

For a more in-depth New Moon ritual, grab it here.

Crystal Recommendations for the Scorpio New Moon

Use these suggested crystals for calling in and aligning with the energy of Scorpio.

  • Rainbow Hematite — Use this stone to balance the energetic systems of the body and bring grounding to the spirit. It will bring about a feeling of calmness, allowing you to sort through your emotions. It vibrates to the mantra: I am calm, cool, and collected.
  • Shungite — Use this stone to facilitate your gifts of healing, give you wisdom, and provide protection. It vibrates to the mantra: I am connected to universal wisdom.
  • Tourmalinated Quartz — Use this stone to clear the energy of any room and bring in positive balanced vibrations. It can also clear your environment of any unwanted EMFs from electrical devices. It vibrates to the mantra: I am protected.