This November 26, 2019, is the Sagittarius New Moon and with it brings adventure. During Scorpio season, we had to ask ourselves to dig deep and look within. Sagittarius is now asking us to widen our perspectives. This is the season of gifts and opportunities. Use it to stretch your limitations in every way.

Often times, Sagittarius is referred to as the gypsy. She teaches us to search for knowledge and truth without judgment. There are no wrong ways to live; only differences in perspectives and viewpoints.

Sagittarius is also referred to as a student because she encourages us to open our minds and challenge ourselves with how we look at the world. Evaluate the things that make you happy and ask yourself why do you define this as happiness? Are there other ways to call in the same vibration; basically, redefining what you interpret as happiness?

The Sagittarian, also known as the philosopher, can help us put this all together and connect the dots the gypsy and student discovered. The philosopher teaches us to use our feelings to find meaning in our experiences. Listen to your emotions and your intuition and let that guide you to your purpose in life. Learn that there’s no such thing as a good experience or a bad experience. They are all just part of our journey. By reflecting on our past, we can see how those experiences fit together to make up who we are.

Listen to your intuition

Make sure to have as many new experiences as possible this season and do them with an open mind. Let go of your expectations and experience things with an open mind. Even if things don’t happen the way you expect, know that everything is happening the way it was meant to.

The Sagittarius New Moon can also be a day of serendipity. Place close attention to everything that happens today and find meaning in everything. Even if you can’t put the puzzle pieces together right now, the puzzle still exists, and you will eventually be able to see where the pieces go. Learn to follow your intuition and listen to the universe and its signals.

Remember that YOU are the author of your life. You decide how your story will unfold and know that your past is just that; your past. Your past does not define you.

Find some grounding today

The Sagittarius New Moon can be a very exciting time, so make sure to find things that ground you also. Meditation is a great way to find grounding. Since Sagittarius is all about finding adventure, sometimes that can seem a bit scary. Learning to feel this fear, learn from it, and not let it control you is how you cultivate courage.

This mediation will help you feel the fear but not let it be the driving force in your life.

Spend a few minutes just breathing deeply, feeling the breath enter your body and leave the body. Let go of any tension in the body.

Now let yourself feel a familiar feeling of fear, but not too intense. Just a real concern in your world, such as a missed deadline. Now do a body scan. Can you feel the tension in any parts of your body? Can you feel fear in your body? This is the key to being aware of your fear and learning where it lives in your body. After you?ve found where this fear lives, gently breath into these areas. Imagine a white light reaching them, allowing them to shift and open. Breathe this way for about 5 minutes.

Now do another body scan. Are the tension and fear gone? If not, continue with the deep breathing. Rinse and repeat.

Anytime you are entering a new adventure, learn to listen to these fear zones so that you can take charge of them before they take charge of you.

The grass is always greener where you water it.

– Neil Barringham

Practice these tips –water your grass.

Practice Gratitude

It is impossible to be upset when you are grateful. Spend your day looking for things to be grateful for.

Embrace the Unexpected

Life sometimes throws a monkey wrench in your plans. Learn to let go of wanting to control these situations and enjoy the adventure. Trust that you are always where you are supposed to be in life.

Surround yourself with positive people

You are like the people you surround yourself with. By being around other positive people, you will take on their vibration and in turn, create a positive vibe for yourself.

Look for the good in things

By looking for the good in everything you’ll open your mind to be able to see how everything can be beneficial to you. Even a negative experience can be beneficial to your journey.

New Moon Rituals

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Crystal Recommendations for the Sagittarius New Moon

Use these suggested crystals to widen your perspective and open your limitations.

Turquoise — This ancient stone will offer protection and wisdom. It’s also known as a stone of travel and will protect the wearer from mishaps that adventures can sometimes bring.

It vibrates to the mantra ?My wisdom protects me.

Red Jasper 
This stone offers both protection and empowerment. It’s associated with the root chakra and helps to ground the wearer. It’s also a stone of luck and can bring about serendipitous moments during travel.

It vibrates to the mantra “I am at ease.”

Green Aventurine 
This is the stone of opportunity and is considered one of the luckiest crystals. It helps to clear the heart of any negative vibrations which in turn
attracts good fortune. It helps to open doors with grace and ease.

It vibrates to the mantra “I am lucky.”