Loveward 2.0 | Option #2




Welcome to Loveward {2.0}. A new version of Loveward which first launched in Fall of 2021. Through this 28-day guided movement, you’ll have new centering thoughts, a new guided meditation weekly + much more! This version of Loveward is DIGITAL ONLY. You’ll get access to the digital affirmation card but it won’t be mailed to you with a personalized note. 

When the word “Loveward” came to me last  summer while going through a deep transition of learning to surrender and trust, it came with this simple message:

As we live our lives lovewardly we experience life, the hustle and the flow with the frequency of love. When there is love, there is always expansion. 

It simply means to live our lives in a direction of always moving from the heart {forward}. 


Join me as we  gather hand-in-hand (virtually) to come from a place of love as we come together Love·ward·ly. 

Starting June 1st! You’ll get a daily email from me guiding you on a centering thought + an integration movement! From that centering thought, you’ll free-write what flows in and integrate with the suggested movement.  

  • I’ve created an amazing guidebook to support you through these 28-days. This will be your companion! 
  • I’ll be sharing my Love·ward Spotify playlist which I LOVE for shifting my frequency to my heart center. 
  • Guided journal music to create the space for you to free-write!
  • New this year: I’ll share a  NEW guided meditation weekly which has been created specifically for this group ONLY! 
  • New this year: An affirmation card created specifically for this year’s Loveward movement.


PLUS Exclusive discounts & access to:

+ An exclusive DISCOUNT on my bundled virtual Crystal Classes + The Spirit Guides Connection 

+ One month FREE into my monthly Love Warrior Membership 

+ Early access Upcoming Events and Workshops