Numerology is the study of numbers in your life. There is so much information you can uncover about the world and yourself just by studying the universal language of numbers.

It is based on the fact that the universe is a system then can be further broken down into basic elements, or numbers.

The study of numerology dates back thousands of years in Rome, China, Greece, and Japan.

The idea behind numerology is that your life is affected by your birth date, name, and several other factors that you can get from a numerology forecast.

You can use numerology to help give you direction for your life and insight into your wellbeing.

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The most important number in your life is your life path number or your personal year number.

Personal Year Numerology

How to calculate your personal year?

You must get the month, date and year to a single digit. The month and date is the month and day of your birthday. However, the year is based on the current year we are in.

1) Reduce the month and day to a single digit.

* If your birthday is December 23rd. You will take 12 and 23.

1+2+2+3 = 8

2) Reduce the year to a single digit. (For example; if this year is 2017)

2+0+1+7 = 10

1+0 = 1

3) Add the first single-digit you got to the second single-digit you got

8+1 = 9

Your Personal Year Number is 9.

What does each year mean?

Personal Year 1- A New Beginning In Your Life

This marks the beginning of your 9-year cycle. How exciting? It’s a year of new beginnings, fresh new adventures, and major changes (hint hint: new opportunities are in the horizon). Just like the start of any new journey, project or adventure, this is the time to set and define your goals. You might even find a new level of energy to get these goals into action. Your independence will be something you find very active this year, and maybe even taking on a leadership role(s) as you learn to depend on your own resources. Just remember it’s important to be aware of all opportunities placed in your energy field if you decide to not recognize these opportunities it might be another 9 years before you see them again! This year will be a fast-paced year!

Personal Year 2- Development

In year 2 you will begin to find yourself slowing down just a bit, which will be much welcomed from year 1. This much-appreciated rest will allow you to refresh your energy field and goals. All the opportunities you were introduced to in year 1, you’ll begin to find yourself focused on your business and personal relationships in year two. These might even need a little extra TLC. Relationships come and go throughout the years but year 2 you will find its time to focus on relationships that will be beneficial for you in the coming years. One of those relationships will be with yourself. It’s time to focus on your needs and what attracts happiness in your life. And my favorite thing about this year, your intuition will be at an all-time high aka TRUST YOUR GUT.

Personal Year 3-Social Expansion

This year is the year you’ll have fun, enjoy life, grow relationships and be highly sociable. Taking the things that make you happy from year 2, it’s time to nurture that beauty. This is not the year to focus on the things you don’t have, rather focus on all the things you are grateful for life has brought you. You’ll find yourself letting your guard down a bit, but not enough to lose sight of your goals. Old friendships may bring to appear as they are looking to rebuild. Always stay open and positive. Self-expression in the art, verbal and written skills will be heightened during this year. However, your rational thinking with business finances might be thrown out the door. (Year 4 might provide solutions to this challenge.)

Personal Year 4-Creating Foundation

Year 4 is the year you’ll find yourself creating foundations in your life. Creating a foundation and simplifying will be the main focus. While the previous years of indulging will start to be placed on the back burner, as you fully focus on taking charge of your health. Part of taking charge will include increasing your physical exercise. You might find yourself taking an interest in yoga, it’s grounding (creating that foundation) and helps to create that level headed mindset you will see more of during this year. In regard to business dealings, take little risk and while you might find work to be boring, stick with it it will pay off. You will finally realize hard work is required to live your lifestyle, laziness is not accepted anymore.

Personal Year 5- Feeling Free

While year 4 was the year of getting focused. Year 5 brings some exciting changes along with personal freedom. However, you will have to start to learn more about being flexible. In year 4 you were so focused on being straight-laced about your work ad your goals, but with personal freedom comes the understanding of being flexible. This is the time to let go of anything holding you back from achieving your goals. At times this might result in stress, so keeping up with that physical activity (YOGA) from year 4 and staying positive will be key. While you may be presented with new opportunities, don’t be afraid to act on them but listen to your GUT. While your personal growth and new experiences come easy for you, be ready to pack your bags as you will be expanding your horizons with travel. This year will be a year of speed and excitement. The biggest thing you’ll need to focus on during year 5 will be find the balance between all your energies (i.e; work energy, personal freedom energy)

Personal Year 6- Mind, Body & Spirit

The theme for year 6 will be MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT. During this time, you will find yourself focusing on family, service to others, and your overall care. Taking care of yourself will be the first priority. Reminding yourself by not caring for yourself, you won’t be there to care for others. This investment you take in yourself might result in a mini makeover, time to freshen up your look 🙂 As you take time to ground yourself you will find your inner circle will start to turn to you for guidance, comfort, and encouragement. During this time, you will begin to weed out relationships that no longer serve you. Spend your time growing those relationships that only bring positive energy and good vibes to you. And finally, make sure to add pieces to your home that add warmth (to your soul), it may simply be placing a family memorabilia.

Personal Year 7- A Time Of Reflection

Inward and Outward reflection will be what you find yourself doing in year 7. Your spiritual and religious beliefs will be of the utmost importance as you find your higher consciousness through the practice of meditation/prayer. As you focus on these aspects, you will begin to look back at past years and make sure you don’t repeat mistakes previously made. While you might find the first half of this year slow and mellow, it will get more exciting as the year goes on. There is a difference between being alone and alone time, you will discover this difference and realize the value of your alone time.

Personal Year 8-Strength Gains

All the hard work over you put in during the last 7 years, you will begin reaping the benefits. Decisions and accomplishments will be a major part of this year, finding yourself extremely busy. Acting on business opportunities that come your way. People will start seeing you for your strengths in your professional field. While this year will be busy, this will be a year you enjoy tremendously as you see the results of all your hard work.

Personal Year 9- Reflection

Your personal year 9 is the end of your 9-year cycle. And just like any project completion, you will need to take inventory of your life; the goods and the not so goods. Let go of anything holding you back which no longer serves you. You do not need that negative energy in your field. While letting go can be difficult, you will find yourself refreshed as you let go of the old, and bring in the new. This will include internal housecleaning of yourself. As you close out this phase of your 9-year cycle, find your relationship with nature as you prepare for the next nine years.

Expression Number

Another fun number to look at is your expression number. This is believed to give you more insight into your personal goals, abilities, and desires.

You find this number by converting your FULL birth name into numbers using the Pythagorean chart. Each letter correlates to a number. The sum is then broken down into a single digit just like the personal year number is calculated.

First, find the single-digit number for each letter of your full birth name and then add them together and reduce the total of all three names to one digit. The one exception is DO NOT reduce 11, 22, or 33. These are master numbers.

1: A, J, S

2: B, K, T

3: C, L, U

4: D, M, V

5: E, N, W

6: F, O, X

7: G, P, Y

8: H, Q, Z

9: I, R

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