With not one but two eclipses this month, October 2023 promises to be a month of adventure! With a new moon in Libra coupled with a solar eclipse on October 14th, plus a full moon in Taurus paired with a lunar eclipse on the 28th, October might just be a wild ride. This moon and crystal blog will guide you through the month so you can maximize this October 2023’s potential.

October 2023 New Moon Insights

October 14th’s new moon in Libra is paired with a solar eclipse, meaning this lunation is doubly powerful. Libra is all about balance, justice, harmony, beauty, and all that is equal in this world. If you have been feeling lately that you lack some of these in your life, the new moon in Libra is a great time to set intentions around these topics. 

In particular, you might be feeling drawn to set an intention to manifest a better work-life balance or cut toxic people out of your life. Maybe you sense a need to de-clutter or change up the way you talk in certain situations. Whatever the case, the new moon in Libra is a great time to set intentions like this–you just might see it grow over the next couple of weeks. 

Solar eclipse means this energy is going to be heightened, so if you’re feeling extra sensitive or on edge, make note of where you feel off balance. The new moon can help you course correct as necessary. Don’t expect outcomes right now; simply put the new patterns into motion and see where they grow. 

October 2023 New Moon Crystal

Crystal: Aventurine

Aventurine is a great stone for positivity, luck, and balance, so it’s a great stone for the new moon in Libra. If you’re feeling extra sensitive during this lunation, holding onto an aventurine can also help release trapped emotions from the heart chakra, as needed. 

An adventuresome, optimistic stone, aventurine can be useful for initiating new ventures and opportunities. If you’re starting something new this new moon, keep an aventurine on your person or use it in a crystal grid to boost your chances of success.

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Libra New Moon Affirmations

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October 2023 Full Moon Insights

The full moon in Taurus on October 28th is paired with a lunar eclipse, bringing some intense energy for manifestation, if you’re open to receiving it. Taurus is an abundant, fierce energy and the lunar eclipse will make it that much more powerful, just in time for Halloween. 

In general, Taurus is the sign for the good things in life. It’s a dynamic, loyal, hardworking energy that isn’t afraid to patiently plow through what needs to get done. It’s a great time for welcoming in all that you need and want, particularly by putting your head down and getting things done. You might feel a surge of optimism, strength, and determination to bring your goals to fruition. 

On the flip side, if you feel some energies of lack at this time (perhaps some fear, resentment, or other negative emotions surrounding wealth, productivity, or abundance), this is a sign you’re ready to let go of some of these low vibe patterns to make room for better ones. The full moon is a time for releasing, so if you’re struggling with a poverty mindset at the moment, this is a great opportunity to work through where they came from so you can be more abundant next time around. Using an abundance grid, getting some healing work, or journaling about your money blocks can assist. Notice where you’re being called to notice your blessings in life and release any fears around this. 

October 2023 Full Moon Crystal

Crystal: Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla is a gorgeous green stone that encourages harmony, balance, and self-expression. If things are feeling difficult for you right now, a chrysocolla might be just the thing to soothe any difficult emotions and help you focus on what’s most important to you at this time. 

Chrysocolla is an abundant, creative, and yet still grounding stone that will be great to have around during the intensity of the full moon in Taurus (and the lunar eclipse). Add a chrysocolla to your abundance grid or keep one in your pocket or purse throughout the day. Keeping it near your money is also a great idea if you’re wanting to manifest wealth!

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Taurus Full Moon Affirmations

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Keep In Mind

October 2023 is sure to be an interesting month! With two eclipses and some intense moons, it promises to be an intense one. Use these crystals and affirmations to gently ease through the month. The mission of Jenny Shanks, LLC is to inspire and support the human spirit through connection and education. We will share light, love, and hope to all we encounter in the human world and in the spirit world.

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Please note; Crystals are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We recommend you consult your physician before making any changes to your current lifestyle.