October 2022 will bring some intense energy to lead us into the holiday season, so catch hold and hang tight! The Aries full moon on October 9th brings a fiery, bold energy that leads into an emotional Scorpio on the 25th. Both seasons can be powerful and healing, as long as you are prepared. Use the moon rituals, crystals, affirmations, and essential oils in this handy guide to help you make the most of the moons in October, 2022.

October 2022 Full Moon Insights

The full moon on October 9th, 2022 rests in Aries, harbinger of a fiery, assertive energy that asks us to consider what we want most out of life. Aries is strong, bold, and dramatic, and provides a driving force for starting new projects and even finishing them, given the right drive.

This energy can sometimes be impulsive or even reckless, but it can also power us to balance our needs and wants in ways that are calmly assertive, if we let them. With the full moon in Aries, it’s a powerful time for manifesting what we want by allowing the intensity of this energy to push our projects through to fruition. Ride the wave and let the strong energizer of the Aries full moon soar you to new heights.

October 2022 Full Moon Crystal + Essential Oil Guidance

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil by Revive and Carnelian Crystal

Labradorite is a powerful third eye stone, great for lucid dreaming and all things spiritual. It’s also deeply protective to the aura and can help us sort out truth from fiction. Place some labradorite by your bed or even beneath your pillow at the full moon, and let it work with the moon for greater insight at this time.

Lemon essential oil is a powerhouse of cleansing and rejuvenating. A wonderful household cleaner, lemon oil is great to add a few drops to a spray bottle of water and use as a surface cleaner. Diffused, it creates a wonderfully uplifting atmosphere that can enhance mood and mental sharpness. Just be sure to be careful not to get lemon oil on the skin – it’s highly volatile and should only be used topically with plenty of carrier oil to dilute it.

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Aries Affirmations

Enjoy my FREE Full Moon Ritual  or take your Full Moon Ritual a level deeper with this guided practice.

October 2022 New Moon Insights

The new moon in Scorpio on October 25th asks us to look to our inner shadows to see where we can make a fresh start. A sign of new beginnings, the Scorpio new moon will likely reveal situations and circumstances that are no longer aligned for you, so September 25th is a great time to say, “goodbye” to these things, even if it’s only energetically.

Use the new moon ritual below and the other resources in this guide to support you in identifying and releasing the “stuff” that no longer serves you at this time. Let the new moon in Scorpio peer into the recesses of your life and pull out anything you are ready to let go of!

October 2022 New Moon Crystal + Essential Oil Guidance

Myrrh Essential Oil by Revive and Shungite Crystal

Shungite is a deep black stone that comes from a particular region in Russia. It’s a cleansing, detoxing stone that actually purifies whatever it touches. You can place shungite stones in your bath or drinking water and they will actually help remove impurities and fill the water with healing minerals. If you buy shungite in a powder form you can use it to create face masks for skin care and toothpaste for teeth whitening. Or, you can simply place a shungite stone beside your bed on the new moon and let it ground you as you sleep. However you use shungite, it’s a great stone for the Scorpio new moon as it will help you “detox” energetically, as well as physically. 

Myrrh essential oil is a wonderfully soothing oil with amazing spiritual properties, especially for purification. Diffusing it in your home leaves a clean, earthy scent in your space that is wonderful for spiritual meditation. Adding some myrrh oil to your skincare routine is also a great way to incorporate it, as it is a moisturizing, protective oil that leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed. 

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Scorpio New Moon Affirmations

Enjoy my FREE New Moon Ritual or take your New Moon Ritual a level deeper with this guided practice. 

Keep In Mind

If this month seems like it might feel a little intense, that’s because it is. Ride the wave and trust the process – you might be amazed at what transpires if you do!

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