November is upon us and this month we welcome two powerful moons. The new moon of November arrives on the 15th in the zodiac sign of Scorpio while the full moon of November will arrive on the 30th in the sign of Gemini.

There’s always a heightened sense of energy around the full moon. It creates space for us to let our subconscious mind surface and release “stuff” that no longer serves us. On the opposite end, the energy of the new moon is all about setting new intentions and opening doorways for new opportunities. Take the guidance for each moon’s energy and the crystal recommendations and make your moon rituals a wonderful experience this month!

Nov Moons

November New Moon + Crystal Guidance

As we continue further into fall and enter November, we are brought into the New Moon of Scorpio on the 15th.  Scorpio gifts us with intense connections and experiences of ourselves and our emotions. Scorpio brings transformation. As emotions intensify it is important to consider your rationale.

The New Moon allows for manifestation of our desires and intentions in every area of life for the coming month. It allows for an opportunity to open yourself to change and growth. Scorpio holds power connected to control and transformation, the cycle of life. But Scorpio also reminds us not to be stopped in our path by holding onto an experience, person, or plan that is outdated. Having the moon in Scorpio initiates a deeper want for emotional understanding and connection. Shallow relationships and insufficient attachments will begin to feel less valuable, encouraging a further transformation. It is never easy to release what is familiar but it is important to embrace possibilities. 

Trust in natural cycles. Whatever has happened did so in order for us to learn, grow, and continue and what is set in front of us, good or bad, follows the same path. Make sure to check in with yourself for a reminder that with life and transformation may come struggle. Once you acknowledge the fear that comes with change your growth will be able to blossom.  

Once on the path of transformation you must remember that change is inevitable. Scorpio rules what is hidden. This New Moon may bring to your attention a hidden goal or talent. You may lean into this discovery as another element towards your transformation and can include this as part of your New Moon manifestation or intentions. There will always be a next step and knowing that the path may not be easy is the first challenge you will face. 

november new moon circles
Black Obsidian (left), Tourmalinated Quartz (bottom), Shungite (top right)

November Crystal Guidance

  • Shungite works to cleanse the body and heal the mind. It creates an environment in which negativity is more difficult to form, allowing for oneself to connect to their intense emotion rather than getting overwhelmed. 
  • Tourmalinated Quartz is unique as it is made up of both Clear Quartz and Black Tourmaline. Clear Quartz intensifies positive energies and Black Tourmaline is used for cleansing and grounding oneself. It helps one understand and eliminate destructive or negative behaviors and relationships. 
  • Black Obsidian is a crystal of protection. It grounds one spiritually while creating a safe environment to work on emotional difficulties and blockages.

Scorpio New Moon Affirmations

These suggested affirmations below are to support you during this new moon. The affirmations can be used as a focus as you start your day, guidance during meditation, or support as you end your day. Amplify their support by pairing with one of your crystals.

  • My emotions are valid.
  • I accept that things change.
  • I welcome new possibilities.

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November Full Moon + Crystal Guidance 

November 30th, 2020 will bring us the Full Moon of Gemini. Gemini provides a diverse and extensive range of power. This wide array sparks thoughtfulness, awareness, and adaptability.  This is a time in which an urge for socializing increases and new thoughts may be sparked. Try to take this as a chance to find balance. 

The full moon is considered to be the most powerful of all the phases. It provides an energy which supports transformation and rebirth. Gemini reminds us to utilize all sides of ourselves, the good and the bad. With the cycle coming to a close this offers the perfect opportunity to act towards renewing balance. 

Once you have embraced your thoughtfulness you can begin to explore. A proper social touch and new found ideas can seem out of grasp, but believing that pleasure and enjoyment is not always a luxury is important. Try to get in touch with those around you, embrace other’s thoughts and experiences as a way to develop your own. Exhausting oneself in a specific area of life is never fulfilling, you must remember to ignore your inner fears and doubts about letting go and release them. Only embrace what is coming for the better. 

Maintaining your balance is not an easy task. As humans we get swept up in life, sometimes focusing too hard on what is not truly important. We get distracted and that’s okay. But, use this full moon to reflect on your self awareness and expression so, internally and externally, you can accept change. By pointing to our difficulties, we are able to move into the future. 

Sodalite (top left), Chrysocolla (bottom left), Howlite (right)

Full Moon Crystal Guidance

  • Howlite is used to increase awareness and patience. It acts as a helper to alleviate stress and anger within you or that is coming to you.
  • Chrysocolla is devoted to empowerment and expression. It expels negative energies and encourages inner truth to come to the surface.
  • Sodalite reminds you to embrace balance between your head and your heart, to be your true self. It encourages creativity and expression.

Gemini Affirmations

These suggested affirmations below are to support you during this new moon. The affirmations can be used as a focus as you start your day, guidance during meditation, or support as you end your day. Amplify their support by pairing with one of your crystals.

  • My thoughts and dreams are valid.
  • I accept that people evolve.
  • I welcome change and balance.

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Keep in Mind

Through this month keep yourself in mind and accept all forms of change that may come your way. Expression and transformation will weigh heavily through the month so open yourself up to any and all possibilities. The mission of Jenny Shanks, LLC is to inspire and support the human spirit through connection and education. We will share light, love, and hope to all we encounter in the human world and in the spirit world