What a year 2020 has turned out to be so far. Well guess what, Mercury Retrograde is coming back around. The next one will be occurring from June 18th until July 12th. In my last post on Mercury Retrograde, I focused on what Mercury being in retrograde actually meant and how you can prepare yourself for it. I suggest giving that a quick read if you aren’t quite sure of the term.

When you hear about Mercury Retrograde – you typically hear all about the doom and gloom of it – travel plans being disrupted, issues with technology, everything being just out of sorts. But what if all of this is really just the universe encouraging you to take a step back and really observe what is going on around you?

Making the Most of Mercury Retrograde

mercury retrograde tips

I wanted to focus on how to make the most out of the Mercury Retrograde. Hopefully, instead of it being a time you dread; you can learn to look forward to using this time as a bit of a reset and as a time for growth (both of which I think we all could use right now). If you are strategic about it – then the Mercury Retrograde can actually be something positiveShocking, right?

Mercury retrograde is a great time to handle unfinished business. While you really don’t want to start something new during retrograde, now is the perfect time for any “re” words – review, revisit, rewind, realign, etcThis is your chance to tie up loose ends and create clarity for the future. Reflecting is actually a beautiful thing; this is the only way you can truly move forward and move past any deep-set trauma. Forgiving yourself, and forgiving others must happen for you to continue to grow – it allows for you to create more space for things that will serve your highest good.

What you need to know!

Knowing that miscommunication tends to be more likely during retrograde, you can enter into this time period being more diligent about the words you use. If something sounds unclear from a coworker on a project, ask for clarification instead of just assuming you can figure it out. Choose your own words intentionally and carefully – this is a practice that we all can benefit from at any point in the year. Taking the time to think through your words before speaking them may save us all a lot of heartache and tense moments.

Since Mercury Retrograde tends to affect everything manmade negatively, take this as the universe wanting you to step away from it all. Go into nature. Spend as much time as you can outside – in parks, hiking, even just sitting out in your backyard. We so often rush through life that we forget the simple pleasures of watching birds fluttering about or the feel of the sun’s gentle rays against our skin. Even if it is just escaping from your place of work on your lunch break and taking a walk around the block, just step outside.

Mercury Retrograde is a great time to reconnect with old friends. It’s almost as if the universe is encouraging us to make time for those special people in our lives. While you probably want to stay away from old lovers, this is actually the best time to get in touch with that old classmate you’ve been missing. This seems to be the only instance during retrograde where communication actually goes smoothly!

Tips for handling the energy!

  • Be mindful with your words — Miscommunication tends to be higher during Mercury Retrograde
  • Connect with nature — Mercury Retrograde tends to impact everything manmade. Step away and go into nature
  • Reconnect — This is a beautiful time to reconnect with old friends

Crystals to Support You!

These crystals will support you during the energy of Mercury Retrograde. And remember, this is just a phase – it too shall pass. Grab your crystals at my favorite crystal shop — Sarah Belle Style!

crystals for mercury retrograde
  • Chrysocolla — balances emotions as it emits a soft and constant energy
  • Selenite — clears and cleanses energy in and around you
  • Blue Lace Agate — activates calming energy and helps to reduce stress

Overall, make the best out of the next three weeks. Use this time to slow down, enjoy nature, reconnect with others, and be open to the positives of this Retrograde. Instead of fearing it, use this as the perfect opportunity to realign your universe and create a path for the future.