The full moon in Scorpio on May 5th comes alongside a lunar eclipse, meaning that this lunation is going to be a powerful one! On May 19th, we will find some relief from the intensity of the Scorpio full moon for a relaxed new moon in Taurus, which is a wonderful time to set intentions for all that is good and beautiful in the world. 

Discover what the moons can do for you this month, along with some crystals and affirmations you can use to support you through the journey of May, 2023.

May 2023 Moons and Crystals Jenny Shanks

May 2023 Full Moon Insights

Scorpio shows us our deepest, darkest secrets and clears away the clutter so we can transform. On May 5th we get the double whammy of the Scorpio full moon (rebirth, shadow sides, and transformation) alongside a lunar eclipse which is also a powerful time of resetting and renewing. 

In fact, this energy might feel pretty intense, so be gentle with yourself right now. Take some time out to rest and recharge, if you can. It might be risky to try too much manifesting at the moment, so give it a day or two if you’re trying to call anything in at the moment. 

That said, you might get all kinds of quirky experiences and happenings, even frustrating ones. The energy is in tension, so as best you can, just observe and don’t get caught up in chasing outcomes. Scorpio is clearing out the old, stale, dense energies so you can make room for the new, and this might be uncomfortable for you if you’re not aware of what’s going on. Pay gentle attention to what’s coming up and breathe through any tough emotions.  

Scorpio Full Moon Crystal Guidance

Jet is a deep black healing stone that’s just right for Scorpio’s intense clearing of stale energies. Jet can further support release of old patterns and can also be really grounding at a time of instability. 

Hang on to some jet through the turbulence of this full moon–you might try keeping some in your pocket, close to your skin, or wearing some in a bracelet or necklace. You can also place some under your pillow on the night of the full moon for some added protection from negativity as the full moon eclipse helps clear out some of what no longer serves you. 

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Crystal is Jet

Scorpio Full Moon Affirmations

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May 2023 New Moon Insights

Taurus is a playful, robust, generous moon and this new moon season is a great time to set intentions for all the beautiful things you want in life. If the Scorpio full moon cleared away some of the tensions keeping you in lack, the Taurus new moon can begin to welcome in the energies of abundance you might be craving right now. It’s also an auspicious time for romance, so if that’s something you’ve been looking for you can set the intention now and see what grows! 

This is a great time to focus on the abundance you’ve already got, as well as luxuriate in some of the creature comforts that keep life sweet. You can also take some action steps to work toward your goals, because Taurus can be stubborn at times–figure out what you want and then don’t be afraid to really get in there and seek it out. 

We’ve had a year so far full of intense transformative energies, so see if the new moon in Taurus can brighten your outlook to welcome in some more of what you most want. 

Taurus New Moon Crystal Guidance

Pink Opal

Pink opal is a warm, loving stone that radiates with peace and kindness. It’s wonderful for emotional release and all forms of healing, especially for the subconscious. It can quietly raise suppressed emotions while gently clearing them away. It’s both uplifting and soothing, and perfect for buoying up your spirits while still keeping you softly relaxed. 

Wearing some pink opal jewelry or using it in a crystal grid during the new moon in Taurus can help you find the grounded self-love you need to call in all your fondest dreams right now. 

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Taurus New Moon Affirmations

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Keep In Mind

Although May might start off in a turbulent Scorpio frame of mind, it’ll soften into the warm and loving energy of Taurus. Best of luck to you as you navigate the moons this month!

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