May 2022 might be a rollercoaster of a month, but if you ride the wave you might just find it transformative! With a full moon in Scorpio on the 16th and a new moon in Gemini to wrap up the month on the 30th, this month will be all about plumbing the depths for our innermost feelings and then learning to speak our truths with love. It can be a healing month if you let it all out and release it with grace, so be sure to check out the moon rituals for May 2022.

Jenny Shanks May Moons Essential Oils and Crystal Guidance

May 2022 Full Moon Insights

May 16, 2022 is sure to reflect your deepest feelings, as the full moon in Scorpio brings them to the surface and lays them all out on the table. Your emotions might be feeling supercharged over the next few days, so be mindful of them and allow yourself to breathe through. If anything that comes up feels intense, just know that it’s a chance to let go of what no longer serves you, as the full moon can illuminate the “stuff” being pulled up and out at this time. Taking advantage of my full moon ritual (linked below) and this month’s crystals and essential oils can really help.

May 2022 Full Moon Crystal + Essential Oil Guidance

May Full Moon Essential Oil and Crystal
May Full Moon Crystal: Labradorite
This May full moon, use Labradorite to heighten your transformation and loosen negative energies within you. Labradorite is a soothing, balancing blue stone, often used in jewelry. You can also carry some in your pocket during the full moon or incorporate it into any crystal grids you create. As you work with this stone, set an intention for the labradorite to help you gently release any triggering patterns in your life to make way for higher vibrations. 

Similarly, peppermint essential oil is a wonderfully soothing, cooling oil. Diffuse it for a minty, uplifting aroma, or mix a few drops with a carrier oil and rub onto the skin. (Note: peppermint is a “cold” oil, so make sure to dilute it before getting it anywhere near your skin.)

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Scorpio Affirmation

  • My feelings balance effortlessly 
  • I release with love any emotions that no longer serve me
  • I forgive easily and effortlessly when it is safe to do so

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May 2022 New Moon Insights

On May 30th, 2022, the new moon in Gemini calls each of us to speak our truths. What are you being called to communicate more clearly? You might find yourself feeling extra chatty right now, so ride the wave if you can. Visit a friend, write in your journal, or speak out about something if you feel called to do so, always remembering to connect with your higher self in love.

May 2022 New Moon Crystal + Essential Oil Guidance

May New Moon Essential Oil and Crystal Guidance
May New Moon Crystal: Celestite
During the May 30th, 2022 new moon phase, meditate with some Celestite. This cool blue, heavenly crystal resonates with a luminous aura, releasing toxic energies and helping you connect with the stars and planets. Place some celestite near your pillow before bed on the new moon to amplify your intentions at this time. 

Spruce essential oil is a woodsy scent that brings a fresh perspective and a clean aura to your home or office. Diffuse spruce oil for a cleansing, calm vibe and let it open your heart chakra as you breathe it in. 
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May 2022  New Moon Affirmations

  • I speak my truth with love
  • My needs are always met as I share them appropriately with others
  • My voice matters; I am respected and heard

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Keep in Mind

This May might be a wild ride, so use the full and new moon rituals for a prosperous journey into your higher self. You just might emerge more powerful on the other side!

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Please note; not all essential oils are intended for the same use. There are specific indications for each oil and we recommend you follow those guidelines. Crystals and essential oils are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We recommend you consult your physician before making any changes to your current lifestyle.