The New and Full Moons are always a wonderful time to sit with ourselves and allow the guidance of this radiant energy to be shared. Each moon creates the space for us to shift and release things or people in our lives that might be holding us back! March welcomes the full moon in Virgo {an earth element} on the 9th at 1:48 pm EST and the new moon in Aries {a fire element} on the 24th at 5:29 am EST. Enjoy the full and new moon crystal guidance and rituals below to guide you through this month’s energy.

March’s Full Moon in Virgo + Crystal Guidance

We welcome March’s Full Moon on March 9, 2020, and the season of Virgo – an Earth element. Earth elements focus on practical and reliability. They are solid and often grounded in their foundation. During this full moon we take the time to find our inner uniqueness; the skills, talents, perspectives, and energy that make us unique. Virgo’s teach us once we turn inward to these gifts — we can then be of true service to the world. Our contribution will be both rewarding while simultaneously maintaining healthy boundaries. We often find ourselves seeking order during this time. 

The full moon marks the completion of the growth phase. This phase takes place between the new moon and the full moon. Energy is heightened, and activity and emotions are intense. This is a beautiful chance for you to use the power of the full moon to set forth your intentions. There’s a good chance they will manifest quickly, so be ready!

Crystal Guidance for the Full Moon in Virgo

What are the go-to crystals for March’s Full Moon?

1. Malachite – Offers us power & strength while guiding us to acknowledge our inner & outer beauty.
2. Angel Aura Quartz – This stone offers a gentleness about it. We are creating the energy of understanding compassion for ourselves & others while expanding into our true selves. We call upon this stone when we find ourselves needing to release our earthly fears and worries.
3. Aventurine – This stone is one of practically. It encourages us to find organization, schedules, routines, and order in our lives during this Virgo season. It’s a beautiful stone to help guide us to be more mindful about what’s helping you succeed and start to focus your energy in that direction.

Intentions & Themes for March’s Full Moon in Virgo 

As you move through the full moon with meditations, intentions, and mantras. You might find yourself leaning into one of these themes. 

  • Self-compassion
  • Believing in the goodness 
  • Increased sensitivity to the energy around you
  • Acknowledging the good in life
  • Allowing goodness to happen and manifest in your life 
  • A stronger connection to love

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March’s New Moon in Aries + Crystal Guidance

March’s New Moon arrives on March 24, 2020, in the season of Aries. A fire element Aries gifts us extraordinary power. The power to begin and the power to continue. It’s easy to start a journey. The challenging part is to continue with the same energy we started. 

The New Moon is an opportunity for you to start fresh! New Moon’s symbolize a new beginning and gives you the time and space to set new goals and start new projects. Take time to reflect on previously set goals or unfinished projects and start “fresh” with this new moon. The beautiful thing is — we welcome a new moon every single month – and you have the opportunity to reset. Life happens — things redirect our goals and projects – take the new moon as a chance to reset and refocus. 

Crystal Guidance for the New Moon in Aries

What are the go-to crystals for March’s New Moon?

  1. Fluorite – This is a beautiful stone for clarity around your intuition. This stone connects to the higher intellect providing insight, clarity, and focus.
  2. Aragonite – As you step into living your truth, this stone guides deep healing, transformations, and a strong support foundation.
  3. Red Jasper – This stone is known to support your root chakra – your foundation. You’ll call upon the energy of this stone for courage and strength as you move through this new moon.

Intentions & Themes for the March’s New Moon in Aries

As you move through the new moon with meditations, intentions, and mantras. You might find yourself leaning into one of these themes. 

  • Shifting your thinking pattern
  • Learning from the past
  • Taking chances
  • Living your truth
  • Trust and follow your heart
  • Believing your intuitive guidance
  • Making yourself a propriety

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