Welcome to March! We are transitioning from Pisces into Taurus this month and the flow of the year is really starting to get moving. After a month FULL of Aquarian energy (hello Aquarius Stellium) in February, March is shaping up to be a month of depth and balance. Depth first, with a watery New Moon in Pisces on the 13th, and then balancing out in beauty with the next Full Moon in Libra on the 28th.    

The moons we have happening in March in conjunction with the crystal guidance recommendations will mesh together to seamlessly create beautiful depth and emotional structure to springboard off of, moving towards the rest of the year.

march moons and crystal guidance

                                      March New Moon + Crystal Guidance

Just as the month is hitting it’s half way point, we have a beautiful New Moon in the sign of Pisces on March 13th.  Pisces’ symbol is that of the fish, and with it comes its watery, deep, and empathetic traits. Pisces is often one of the most intuitive and psychically inclined signs, with a deep streak of empathy for others. This sign also tends to fantasize often, preferring to see the world with rose colored glasses and often a bit removed from reality. Pairing a New Moon with Piscean energy means that we want to be careful about what we are calling into our lives. Dream big, but make sure you are not glazing over the work that needs to be done as a foundation before you can support the life of your dreams. It can be a moon phase with visionary powers, as long as you bring in a bit of grounding to go with those big dreams.

New Moon Crystal Guidance

march new moon crystals
Amazonite (top), Rose Quartz (right), Larimar (bottom)

  • Amazonite – Soothing, deep, and aligning. Carries a deep healing energy, and is used to reign in heavy and erratic emotions.
  • Larimar – It holds Atlantean energy. Perfect for balance, this stone is cooling, provides strength and helps to release stagnant and deep seeded negative emotions.
  • Rose Quartz – Heals the Heart Chakra, and embodies love in all forms: self, relational and familial. Inspires beauty, and helps to work with self fulfillment and intimacy.

Pisces New Moon Affirmations

  • I allow energy to flow through me freely.
  • I honor my deep emotions and feelings.
  • I speak my truth.
  • I am open to new intuitive messages.
  • I am a visionary.

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March Full Moon + Crystal Guidance

A Full Moon in Libra will grace us with it’s grand, beauty-loving presences on March 28th. Libra is the sign of charm, beauty, and balance. In the building up from the New Moon two weeks ago, you may have focused on delving deep into the things you want to bring in. Now is the time to work through the things that have come up from those depths and pick out the things you want to keep. Libra loves the symmetrical, things with balance and that fit in just so. Continue working with the energies that bring out the best in you, that feel lucious, and that help balance the sense of visionary energy that came through earlier in the month.

Full Moon Crystal Guidance

March Full Moon Crystals
Celestite (top), Azurite (bottom left), Moonstone (bottom right)

  • Moonstone – Brings serene, lunar energy to the user. Relaxing, intuitive, and nurturing. 
  • Celestite – Great for working with your guides or angels. High vibration, uplifting, and calm. Helps with cultivating mindfulness.
  • Azurite – A constant flow of energy, this stone helps with intuition and creativity. Great for communication, concentration, and clearing of negativity.

Libra Full Moon Affirmations

  • I am balanced.
  • I release what is no longer in alignment.
  • I am whole and complete.
  • I receive love.

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Keep in Mind

March is a great lesson on balancing the ebbs and the flows of our energy and the energy that the moon can provide. We continue to work on supporting our emotions in healthy and open ways, while keeping our hearts focused on balance and high vibration alignment. The mission of Jenny Shanks, LLC is to inspire and support the human spirit through connection and education. We will share light, love, and hope to all we encounter in the human world and in the spirit world.

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