Full Moon March 20, 2019   
9:42pm EST

This month’s Full Moon is in Libra. Full Moons are a time to look at the seeds you planted during the New Moon and releasing anything that’s holding you back from letting yourself grow. The energy of Libra’s is about being focused and creating tranquility and harmony around you! Often known as the peacemaker, you?ll find yourself seeking our imbalances to fix because you love balance so much. Libra’s want everyone to be happy and are full of positive energy ? however they have a hard time making decisions.

When the Full Moon is in Libra, you might find the social Libra energy challenging you for companionship and your desire for independence. Relationships with others are enhanced during this time and with your heightened awareness of emotions, you might see the clarity with imbalances in your partnerships.

Crystal Suggestions for the Full Moon in Libra March 2019

  • Citrine —  It’s the stone of light, happiness, abundance, and manifestation. It’s perfect to use during the Full Moon as we move forward to manifesting our intentions.
  • Pink Tourmaline — This stone is wonderful at helping keep us emotionally balanced. It allows us to become less sensitive to the negative energy of others. As Libra’s love to make everyone happy, this stone can help you recognized where someone’s negativity might really be coming from ? helping to keep your own energy separate from theirs.
  • Amethyst — Great for resisting negative thoughts and energy in your space.  

Making the most of the March Full Moon

To help you make the most of the March Full Moon – I have a few resources and rituals that can help. Check out both my Full Moon Freebie, and my in depth 10 Step Full Moon Ritual to take you deeper into the manifestation of your intentions.

Happy Full Moon, everyone!!

xo Jenny