Love Warrior is a monthly digital membership lead by Spiritual Medium & Mentor Jenny Shanks! Each month we have a guiding theme allowing us to raise our vibration through the collective membership of this community. 

Each month you’ll receive access to the digital platform which includes:

  • Audio guided-meditation
  • Affirmation card guided by our theme
  • 20-30 minute podcast style discussion around the monthly theme
  • Journal prompts to support you through your meditative practice 
  • Discounts to workshops and events led by Jenny 
  • And much much more……..
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What's Love Warrior all about? Listen here....

Love Warrior’s foundation and evolution……

A warrior is known as someone brave. Together a love warrior is someone who is courageous, strong and brave, confronting the challenges in life by embracing it with love. 

Love is a choice, but so is anger. I’ve chosen to take my path in life with love. This doesn’t mean I don’t get upset or sad, and it doesn’t mean life is always easy. But what it does mean is I have the freedom to be a love warrior.

This is an invitation to you to join me on this Love Warrior journey!

We all have the choice to move in the direction of love even when times get challenging or to allow fear to overcome us. In Love Warrior, we always root and then move in the direction of love. 

This doesn’t mean we don’t get real and honest, but it does mean we choose to look at these times through the light of love — making us a Love Warrior

What they are saying....

Meet Jenny

Jenny Shanks is a Spiritual Medium, Mentor, and Motivational Speaker. Through her methodology of infusing science, the spirit world, and energy, she teaches you how to connect to your higher self. She’s passionate about guiding you to authentically love yourself by stepping into your own light to shine!

It is her mission to teach you to recognize your energy, your connection, and your gifts. Life is all a matter of energy. She helps you to remove limiting beliefs and discover a life of freedom and happiness. She’s passionate, dedicated, and will challenge you with the highest light and love through your journey of self-discovery. Learn more about Jenny here.

The mission of Jenny Shanks is to provide light, love, and hope to all we encounter. We will inspire and support the human spirit, one connection, one reading, and one event at a time.