Libra New Moon; Saturday, September 28, 2019

When thinking of Libra, think of the word TEAM. According to Libra, when we are willing to see each other’s perspectives, have empathy, and are vulnerable, that is when a true partnership is formed. But in order to do that, we must first understand ourselves and what creates our own inner peace. Libra shows us that in order to see other viewpoints, we must first be able to master our own energy and emotions. Knowing and understanding our own center will allow us to show others empathy without losing ourselves.

The zodiac sign for Libra is the scales. Her sign is a constant reminder that balance takes effort. In order to experience harmony, you must first feel disharmony. Once you learn how you react in certain situations, then you can begin to develop tools to help you. This awareness helps us understand and process our emotions to truly feel balanced. Also, take note of what disturbs your harmony. Is it a person distracting you from your true intentions? Are you focusing your energy on something not aligned with your goals? Take this time to release what limits your energy to open up space for new energies to come in. By getting rid of these distractions, you can reach your highest intentions.

Feeling peace and harmony also requires us to support and believe in ourselves to achieve our dreams. You can’t support a partner before truly appreciating yourself and everything you can achieve. You also won’t attract those that appreciate your gifts and talents if you haven’t yet learned to do so for yourself. One way to help grow this belief in ourselves is through the use of mantras. Say these to yourself daily. Say them outloud to make them even more powerful.

During the Season of Libra, be sure to work on yourself first, working on your own inner harmony. Then start to observe how you interact in your other
relationships when you are calm versus reactive. After that, go even further by observing how your inner peace affects your ability to empathize with someone else.

Ask yourself these things:

  • Is it easier to be vulnerable when I?m calm versus when I?m
  • When you’re vulnerable, is it easier to communicate your side
    of the story with someone else?
  • When you feel inner peace and harmony, is it easier for you
    to empathize with someone else?

Once you’ve mastered this inner peace, you can then embrace becoming a better teammate. By becoming emotionally vulnerable, we show our true feelings. There is always the possibility we could be hurt or rejected by this vulnerability but there is also an opportunity for great reward. By allowing ourselves to be fully seen and open, we nurture those relationships with understanding, love, compassion, empathy, and belonging. This is what helps us stay in these partnerships even during times of disagreements.

Be aware of these feelings throughout Libra and ask your partner to do the same. Take note of how you grow together.

Tools to help you find inner peace

In order to help you find your inner peace and harmony, you may need to use some tools to help you get there. Yoga is a great way to help you cultivate harmony in the physical body. Yoga integrates our mind, body, and spirit through the use of breath and movement.

Meditation will help you with your inner peace by cultivating harmony in your mind. Since Libra is an air sign, we are reminded to use our breathing to maintain energetic balance.

 Breath meditation is a great tool to use to train our mind to be nonreactive. With breath meditation, you are just observing the breath without changing it at all. Focus all your thoughts and energy on the breath entering the body, and then leaving the body. As your mind wanders, always bring it back to the breath.

Partner gazing meditation is a great way to actively participate in mediation with your partner. Sit across from your partner, and stare into your partner’s eyes for three minutes. Try not to look away. As you gaze, sync your breath with your partner’s. Observe how you feel and if you choose to, share those feelings with your partner when you are finished. This is a great way to help align the natural rhythms of your body to help with communication.

New Moon Rituals

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Crystal Recommendations for the Libra New Moon

Use these suggested crystals to find harmony and inner peace and cultivate your relationships.

Lapis Lazuli

Use Lapis to connect you to the element of Air. It’s perfect for both meditating and negotiating. It stimulates both wisdom and peace and can reveal the whole picture of a situation to bring a clear perspective. Lapis vibrates to the mantra “I am at peace”.


This is a stone of transition. It can help ease anxiety during times of transitioning from one version of ourselves to another. Hold this during any change to help return you to your center. Lepidolite vibrates to the mantra “I am centered”.


This stone will help give you the confidence to discard old thought patterns and distractions that hold you back so that you can open yourself up to new energies. Aventurine vibrates to the mantra “I am calm”.