Spicy Sagittarius meets watery Cancer around a powerful summer solstice in June of 2022. The new and full moon cycles for June, 2022 might bring you some ups and downs, but they are also a great time to reconnect with your goals for yourself and take some solid actions. Read on for the full and new moon forecasts for June, 2022 and see what this month might have in store for you.

Jenny Shanks June Moons

June 2022 Full Moon Insights

The full moon in Sagittarius on June 14th welcomes in an energy of curiosity and adventure. If you are feeling restless or even a bit trapped, the full moon in Sagittarius invites you to take action. Just be sure to look at the big picture, make a solid plan, and then leap–no need to look for too long beforehand. Simply trust that the Universe has your back.

June 2022 Full Moon Crystal + Essential Oil Guidance

Lavender Essential Oil by Revive and Aventurine Crystal

Aventurine calls you to recognize your highest truth. A heroic, honest stone, aventurine reminds us to seek the best in life and not be afraid to follow the hero’s path when called. During this full moon in Sagittarius, why not incorporate some aventurine into your intentions? Choose some aventurine jewelry or use it in a crystal grid for an added boost at this time. 

Lavender essential oil is a calming, soothing oil, which might be helpful to you if the energy of the Sagittarius full moon is feeling a bit strong. Since Sag season calls us on intense journeys sometimes, use lavender if you need to temper the emotions a little bit. Diffuse before bed or spritz on your pillow at night for a restful, sleepy atmosphere (putting 10-15 drops in a small spray bottle of water should do it).

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Sagittarius Affirmations

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June 2022 New Moon Insights

The new moon in Cancer on June 28, 2022 will welcome in a nurturing and warm energy, just perfect for a few days after the summer solstice (June 21st). Cancer is a water sign and tends to be emotional, so feel free to let loose and ask for what you want out of life. Reconnect with someone you’ve been missing for a while or take some time to get to know yourself; this is a time to live it up and make peace with any past regrets.

June 2022 New Moon Crystal + Essential Oil Guidance

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil by Revive and Rose Quartz Crystal

Rose quartz is an excellent stone for unconditional love for self and others. It also makes excellent crystal elixirs, so drinking water that you’ve soaked some rose quartz in on the full moon might be just what you need to welcome a little more love into your life. 

Ylang ylang essential oil is a harmonizing, friendly oil, great for confidence and self-love. It is also a powerful aphrodisiac, just in case there is someone you’ve got your eye on! Wearing ylang ylang or diffusing it will support you in making that first step toward a new you, whether it’s in support of self-love or the love of those around you.  

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Cancer New Moon Affirmations

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Keep In Mind

With the summer solstice and a zesty Cancer/Sag combo in June, 2022, we are perfectly poised to find out what we want in life, then reach out and grab it. Be sure to tap into the full and new moon rituals to get the most out of your June, 2022. 

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