June brings a welcome respite from some of the turbulent energies of the year so far, just in time for the Summer Solstice on June 21st. The full moon in Sagittarius on June 4th asks us to consider our urge to adventure and personal fulfillment; the new moon in Gemini opens the door to live and speak our truth. Read on for your June 2023 guide to the moons and crystals to work with these energies! 

Jenny Shanks June 2023 Moons and Crystal Guidance

June 2023 Full Moon Insights

The June 4th full moon in Sagittarius welcomes an intellectual energy that is both reflective and outgoing. Sagittarius invites us to explore the finer things in life, connect with our independence, and indulge in adventures at home and abroad. The full moon invites us to release what we no longer need, so pay attention to where you might be feeling trapped, mundane, or blocked. 

This can be a good time to examine any areas in your life where you can expand your mind. If your creative juices are flowing now, check where you can adjust your life to allow for a little more exploration and growth. The full moon highlights what we can let go of, so anything (or anyone) preventing you from sparkling as the cleverest version of you…just might be ready to move on. 

If others around you seem to be flighty or restless, check in with yourself and see what they might be triggering within you. If you’re feeling jealous of others traveling or succeeding, make a mental note to set some intentions at the next new moon to manifest these things yourself!

June 2023 Full Moon Crystal

Crystal: Citrine

Citrine is a wonderfully confident stone, perfect for supporting your creative ambitions right now. You might be manifesting from the intentions you set at the last new moon, so keeping some citrine nearby can be really helpful to welcome that goodness in. 

Using some citrine in a crystal grid or keeping it in your pocket or purse can be a lucky talisman at the moment. Let citrine stabilize and energize you in the process. 

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Sagittarius Full Moon Affirmations

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June 2023 New Moon Insights

On June 18th, the new moon in Gemini invites us to set an intention for openness, creativity, and communicating our needs. It’s a great time to initiate anything to do with the throat chakra, such as public speaking, writing, creating art or music, technological endeavors, or any other form of self-expression. 

Gemini’s youthful, lively energy asks us to share what we dream of in life, so creating a vision board or journaling about your future can be really powerful just now. If you’ve been wanting to set something in motion involving communication (such as setting a boundary, telling someone that thing you’ve been wanting to say for years, or finally pitching your idea to someone)…this new moon could be just the time to do it. 

The airy, curious, fearless energy of Gemini might have your mind racing, so if you’re feeling sensitive or confused it’s okay to take some time off. Take some time to play and connect with your loved ones, or even meet someone new–the new moon’s initiation could just mean that it’ll be a partnership worth keeping! 

June 2023 New Moon Crystal

Jenny Shanks June New Moon Crystal
Crystal: Selenite

Selenite is a beautiful clear crystal that has the unique ability to cleanse dense energies: from other crystals, from your environment, and even from your aura. The airy-fairy, nervous energy of Gemini can really benefit from selenite, so keeping some near your bed while you sleep can be a powerful protection against negativity at this time. 

To cleanse your aura with selenite, simply wave a piece of it up and down all sides of your body, being sure to get above your head and beneath your feet. There are selenite wands just for this purpose, or you can use a smaller piece if you prefer. Keeping a small piece of selenite in your pocket or wearing some selenite jewelry can help with this, too. 

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Gemini New Moon Affirmations

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Keep In Mind

If the year so far has held some intense energies for you, June 2023 should bring a slight (or huge!) sense of relief. Wishing you a happy June as you work through these patterns! The mission of Jenny Shanks, LLC is to inspire and support the human spirit through connection and education. We will share light, love, and hope to all we encounter in the human world and in the spirit world.

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Please note; Crystals are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We recommend you consult your physician before making any changes to your current lifestyle.