July is here and we welcome energetic, bright, and summery energy. Starting from Cancer and then moving into Leo, we will be moving from the watery to the fiery, from emotion to action. This shift is one that is highly vibrational, and its effects can be felt everywhere.

The first New Moon finds us on the 10th, in the sign of Cancer. This moon wants us to really dig deep and shed that shell that we may have been hiding in. Because Cancer is a sign ruled by the moon, it is supercharged with lunar vibrations while in it’s home sign.

On July 24th, we have a Full Moon in Aquarius. The air element that Aquarius brings helps round out the fire and water from the rest of the month, bringing some breathy movement to heavier energies. This Full Moon will require us to dream, speak, and act full out – not skimping on any part of our life that we truly desire to bring in.

July moons and crystal guidance

July New Moon + Crystal Guidance

Any moon phase in Cancer is sure to be a beautiful, albeit powerful one. The New Moon in Cancer on July 10th will be no different. The refreshing New Moon energy is super charged with Cancerian emotion and depth. This moon wants us to emerge and shed everything that is no longer working for us and hone in on everything that rings true to our soul. There is no longer room to manifest the things that only sustain us in the short term, we are calling in the real deal of life here.

The shedding will also require introspection, and a time of rest and reflection to make sure that we can really integrate the realizations that we are having in this season. Do not over extend or over promise yourself and your presence. Take the time to feel, journal, move through, and experience the true self that you can now let through.

New Moon Crystal Guidance

Rainbow Moonstone (bottom left), Citrine (top), Larimar (bottom right)
  • Larimar – This stone brings love and healing energy, supporting inner knowing and manifestation from the soul.
  • Rainbow Moonstone – A gem perfect for strengthening intuitive powers, inner growth, and facilitating new beginnings. It brings hope and balance.
  • Citrine – The ultimate manifestation stone, Citrine brings abundance in all forms. Perfect for motivation, balance, and true self expression through creativity.

Cancer New Moon Affirmations

  • I release all insecurities and judgment about myself.
  • I will find balance between my heart and my mind.
  • I am rediscovering myself in new and profound ways.

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July Full Moon + Crystal Guidance

Just after the sun moves into the sign of Leo, we have a Full Moon in Aquarius on July 24th. Often thought of as a water sign, Aquarius is actually an air sign – and very much so. Aquarius is where we can let our freak flag fly. It breaks us out of our molds and wants us to explore the far reaches of what we think is possible.

This moon corresponds so beautifully with the New Moon earlier in the month, as it is the final push out of that Cancerian shell that we have been hiding ourselves in. It is the permission to claim what desires are rightfully ours, and to live in the light again. Rebel a little bit, talk to more people, and extend your connections and your opportunities to continue to move forward.

Full Moon Crystal Guidance

Celestite (top), Blue Lace Agate (bottom), Aquamarine (right)
  • Blue Lace Agate – Sharpens communications, brings confidence, and encourages support for yourself and others.
  • Celestite – This stone cools and calms, helps maintain emotional balance, and creates intuitive connection to psychic abilities.
  • Aquamarine – Perfect for opening, clearing, and clarifying communication. Protects and balances emotions. 

Aquarius Full Moon Affirmations

  • I am a full, complete, and unique person.
  • I communicate my needs to both the universe and the people around me clearly and effectively.
  • I welcome divine connection and open expression of my true self.

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Keep in Mind

We move from water to fire this month, with injections of lunar airiness. Make sure to ground yourself through all of this, and to welcome the breakthroughs that happen when one dives deep and then reaches wide out in full realization. The mission of Jenny Shanks, LLC is to inspire and support the human spirit through connection and education. We will share light, love, and hope to all we encounter in the human world and in the spirit world.

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