I love playing with cards. They were my first “introduction” into my spiritual journey and one I often come back to when needing to get outside my own head! Over the years, I started creating quarterly spreads, a layout of cards with the intention to guide me with a theme or message for the respective months and quarter. It’s always fun to see what’s coming and also go back and reflect where the guidance aligned. I’m sharing with you my process for ‘How to Predict your Months and Quarters’.


  • Journal + Pen
  • Oracle Cards
  • Freebie Worksheet, click here
  • Anything needed to create sacred space (e.g., candles, incense, music, crystals, etc.)
  • Optional: Daily Planner 

Plan to be in this sacred space for ½ – 1 hour with no interruptions. Tip: I love to do this around a New Moon. You can learn more about New Moon Rituals here.

As you are guided by these steps below, don’t feel as if this is the only way. Allow your own intuition to be your guide and align with what feels authentic in this experience.

Step 1: Open your sacred space with prayer and intention around seeking guidance for the months/quarter ahead. Tip: If you only want to do monthly or even weekly, this can be done the same way. Just adjust your intention for clarity.

Step 2:  After your sacred space is opened, allow yourself to go into meditation. There are many ways to meditate. A few are listed below:

  • Focus on breath/candle, setting a time or allowing the natural guidance of your intuition to be your timer.
  • Guided meditation. This is often a beautiful way to surrender to getting out of your own mind. My Higher Self meditation is one of my favorites for this practice.
  • Find a soothing playlist of music and let go to the frequency it offers.

Step 3: After you finished with meditation, bring your focus & awareness to grounding your energy. Take deep breaths into your root chakra as you feel the connection and expansion of this space. As you establish the grounding energy, call in your team. This can be your higher self, your spirit guides, the Universe or whoever you may call upon. Tip: If it’s nice outside and you can do this outside, you’ll have the supportive energy of Mother Earth grounding you as well.

Step 4: Now, here’s the part you’ll want to completely surrender and TRUST–as your team is with you. You’ll ask for a theme or word for the month and then pull a card for the first month.

Step 5: Turn the card over and write down all the impressions that come to you. This practice is called free writing. Just let your pen hit the paper and go. There is no judgment in this space.

Step 6: Return the card to the deck and repeat by shuffling the deck and pulling a card for the second month. Turn over the card and write down all the impressions that come to you.

Step 7: Repeat Step 5 for your third month. 

Step 8: Once you have finished, you can return the card and ask for a quarter theme or word by shuffling the cards and pull one final card. You can skip this step if it doesn’t call to you!

Step 9: Start to look at themes and/or words within your messages.

  • Is there a common theme over the 3 months?
  • Highlight things that stand out to you.

Step 10: If you have a planner or calendar, add the themes of each month (and the respective quarter) to your planner. At the end of each month, reflect back on your predictions. Use these guided questions below to support you:

  • How did it influence your month and plan?
  • How did your predictions plan out?
  • What lessons did you learn?

Just remember, Spirit has no timeline or calendar – while this is always fun to do, there’s still free will and not all predictions might play out the way you see them! Have fun with this practice and make sure to tag me on Facebook @jennyshanksmedium or Instagram @Spiritual_Medium_Jenny.