Understanding how to easily smudge your home is a simple and fast way to cleanse the energy of your home or space. For centuries, smudging has been a practice used to spiritually cleanse or bless a home or space. With these five easy steps, you can conduct a smudging ritual at home and raise the vibration of your surroundings.

Jenny Shanks How to Easily Smudge Your Home

What is smuding?

Smudging is an ancient ritual used by many of the indigenous peoples of America as a form of spiritual cleansing. Smudging is also an activity used in some Feng Shui practices. The act of smudging usually involves the burning of select herbs and allowing the smoke to gently float into the air.

Common herbs used in smudging include sage, cedar, sweetgrass, and lavender, or a combination of any of these. The burning of these herbs is thought to expel negative energy and restore the balance within a space. Energy can become stagnant over time, so implementing a routine of smudging can help clear the energy, just as you would routinely clean your home.

5 easy steps to smudging your home

  1. Gather your supplies. To complete a smudging ritual, you’ll want to gather the following items listed below. It’s important to try to get high-quality, well-sourced smudge sticks, when possible. You’ll want a simple lighter or matches to light your smudge stick when you’re ready to start the ceremony, and a fireproof bowl to protect your home from ashes as you smudge and to extinguish the stick at the end.
    • Smudge stick (sage or paleo santo) 
    • Matches or lighter
    • Fireproof bowl
  1. Set the stage. 

    When smudging your home, it’s always good practice to set aside time to conduct the smudging ritual, much like you would when meditating. Setting aside a quiet 10-15 minutes where you can focus on the smudging ritual is best.

  2. Light your smudge stick.

    Carefully light the end of your smudge stick. You don’t want large flames, just light it enough for it to begin to smolder. If there are flames, you can extinguish it just a bit in your fireproof bowl so that it only smolders and allows smoke to waft freely.

  3. Begin your smudging ritual.

    As you begin your ritual, think about what you want to let go of and what you want to welcome in. Continue to think of these as you smudge your home. It’s ideal to walk clockwise through your home, starting at the front door. To smudge a space in your home, gently wave the smudge stick through the air as you walk through your home – giving extra attention to busy walkways and dark corners where energy tends to accumulate and become stagnant.

  4. Conclude the ceremony.

    Once you have smudged each area of your home, gently extinguish the smudge stick in the fireproof bowl and store away until you need them once again. I like to store my smudge stick in my sacred space. I always turn back to where I started placing my hands in prayer and holding gratitude for all the work that was done. 

Smudging FAQ

How often should I smudge? It’s recommended to smudge at a minimum four times a year, with each shift in the seasons; however, you can also smudge as often as once a month. If you’ve had a particularly negative situation arise in the home, you can smudge sooner if needed.

Do you open windows when smudging? It’s good practice to open a window or two while smudging to allow the negative energy to leave the home.

Can you reuse a smudge stick? Yes, you can reuse a smudge stick as often as you’d like until it has burned too small for use.

What is the difference between smudging and saging? The terms are used interchangeably and refer to the same ceremonial practice.

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