If you follow me on social media, you know I LOVE crystals. Let’s talk about the basics of crystals and how they benefit us. Our energetic frequencies as humans fluctuate all day long. Crystals have a very steady frequency. When we introduce crystals into our aura, our energy field, we offer a steadier frequency to our human energy. Crystals and stones have different healing properties and combined together can radiate energy good for our souls. Make sure to follow me on Facebook as I love sharing ways to incorporate crystals into our lifestyle. One of my favorite ways it to drop a crystal or two in my water, let it sit for 10-15 minutes and then drink it throughout the day. {Note: Some crystals/stones have toxic properties and are NOT recommended to place in water to drink. Please check prior to do so.} As we are in the midst of the Holiday season and I’m always looking for ways to feel grounded and less stressed. Below are my favorite stones & crystals for the Holiday Survival. *Peridot (and yes, we’ve featured this one before but it’s my fav). This money stone helps to keep your wallet full after all that shopping. Left-hand side with the grey/ green colors. *Malachite. This stone is amazing for health. It helps to reduce travel sickness and keeps your overall health intact while visiting friends & family during the holidays. Large green stone. *Carnelian. This stone has so many amazing qualities. But most importantly during the Holidays it is a vitality stone to help you overcome exhaustion and keep your spirits lifted. This is the middle orange stone. *Pyrite. This stone is the energy saving stone. It helps to relieve anxiety, frustration, despair and fatigue. It’s gold and on the right. *Smokey Quartz– This stone is amazing for grounding. It helps to keep you grounded, calm and eliminate stress! It’s on the bottom. Grab one or grab them all. Carrying them with you and setting your intentions with the crystals to help manifest your desires. Cheers to the Holidays and 2018!