1 // Earlier this year, I launched a series of digital classes around Crystals. Who doesn’t love crystals? The more we journeyed through the series of classes, the deeper we got into realizing the magic these beauties offer us. I get asked so often — where do I get my crystals and crystal grids? I have many favorite crystal shops. Online I LOVE Sarah Belle, and for my Florida family, I love visiting Stoned Gyspy! One of my absolute favorite grids is the flower of life.* The flower of life symbolizes creation and reminding us everything is united. Enjoy a discount by using code JENNYSHANKS while shopping at Sarah Belle.**

2 // Meet my dear friend Peyton Turner. Peyton is such a beautiful soul + intuitive artist. When I asked her to join me on my Loveward journey in September, she immediately agreed to be part of this movement. All I told her was this came through in my meditation. Now create art! And the most magical piece was birthed! Her gift of connecting with you and allowing art to express the messages from Spirit is truly something everyone deserves. Truly a magical gift to share with your loved ones this season. Learn more about Peyton here!

3 // Last year when I launched Root & Rise, my goal was to create space for others to learn how to add minor changes to their lifestyle to support their energy centers. I have been using Buddha Teas*  for years, and their chakra set is so amazing! I like to stay away from the microwave as much as possible, so this is my go-to kettle*. Pair this amazing gift with a beautiful mug*, and you’ll have yourself a wonderful holiday gift to share with a loved one.

4 // Where do I start with this magical gift set? This last year I have been deep into the healing space of love. I’ve set forth on this journey to learn (and trust) to love myself and my body on a deeper level than I ever have before. I’m always venturing to find new tools to pair with the mindset work I do. When I came across this AMAZING candle collection, the Homebody Collection, I fell in love with it. Emily, the owner of Kozy Kandles, has such an amazing vibe! This small business is 100% female-owned, and y’all know I’m passionate about supporting our small businesses. Use Code: JennyShanks to get DISCOUNT OFF.

5 // Hands down, the one number way for me to keep my {wild} mind calm is through meditation. My journey through meditation has evolved over the years, but the one thing that has stayed consistent is my commitment to finding an outlet daily to do a meditative activity. This meditation pillow has turned into one of my favorite tools to settle into my sacred space. My children {aka dogs} have found a liking to it as well! Here’s the amazing cover and the pillow to go inside!*

6 // Giving the gift of a Reiki session is truly a magical thing. I’m a believer when we work to heal our energy centers, we work from the inside out! My dear friend and Reiki Master, Beth Bersot has a true gift of guiding energy with you during her Reiki sessions. Head over to Spirit Wings to gift a Reiki session to a loved one this holiday season. (p.s. You’ll be supporting an amazing small business)

7 // I’m sure if you have been following me for a while, you know I go on these “no shopping” for card decks sprees. I get so inspired by my Angel & Oracle card decks. I have two favorite decks this year. The Divine Feminine by Meggan Watterson and Astral Realms Crystal Oracle by Dark Moon Crystals & Prism + Fleur Design Studios. Both of these decks are truly magical and so inspiring. Each morning before settling into my day, I’ll shuffle a card for either deck to be my theme for the day ahead. These aren’t my only favorite decks. I have too many to narrow it down. You can find a full list of my favorites here! *

8 // I have turned into a book lover in the last few years. I can’t wait to start a new book, finish, and grab the next one. The older I’ve gotten, the more I realize how much I crave learning. I always want to learn something new to inspire myself and share that inspiration with others. There have been a few life-changing books I have read this year. Each deserves their own spot on this holiday gift guide. My number one favorite has been Untamed by Glennon Doyle. I don’t know why it took me so long to jump on the Untamed wagon, but I couldn’t put the book down once I started. Let me sum this book up for you — if you want to be inspired to LOVE your true authentic self, one that we often don’t let others fully see, if you want to let your fears go and show the world who you truly are in all your beauty–this book will inspire you (on so many levels). My plans for the Christmas holiday will be cuddling with my dogs and reading Untamed (yet again). For a list of my other favorite books, I have read over the years and often find myself going back to — here you go!*

9 // Over the summer I had routine blood work, and as much as I would love to say I’m 100% perfect with a healthy lifestyle, the truth would tell you differently. I allow stress to overwhelm me and when that’s in full gear, often, my health takes a back seat. When I got the blood work back, I was surprised to see there were some concerns. The majority could all be improved with my lifestyle and nutrition. As I was researching options to make this shift in my life, I ran across Goode Health. Goode Health mails you an at-home blood test kit. Once you complete that, they work with a lab to process your results and have them reviewed by a physician. With all that knowledge, they create a superfood powder custom to YOUR needs. I have always believed that nutrition plays a big role in our immunity and our well-being. This shift and change for me has improved my mental clarity and energy levels. Check out Goode Health!**

10 // I have always loved essential oils, but I’ve stuck to my favorites if I’m honest. Frankincense, Lemon, Lavender, and Eucalyptus. Rarely branching from these, I realized there are so many more magical essential oils to shift our minds. I love using a technique I’ve called Aroma Frequency Shift. When we align with a mantra or affirmation and then allow the aroma to bath us as we repeat that statement, we start to align that scent with that statement. Ultimately we are raising our frequency every single time we come in contact with that aroma. I recently added Copaiba to my meditative practice and have found peace with my connection to Mother Earth and her messages every time I use it. Here’s a few of my other favorites I have collected over the years.* If you are purchasing from revive-eo.com and you are a new customer, make sure to use code jennyshanks to get 10% off your order or 15% off your order of $100 or more.**

11 // First, let me say I’m a sucker for water bottles and mugs, especially if they are beautiful! In 2021, I really focused on my daily water intake goal. When I came across this amazing 40 oz water bottle, I knew if I could focus on getting two of these a day, I’d be doing great at my goal! Fast forward to moving my spirit offices away from the city. My trips to the local coffee shop for my tea were no longer on my path. In fact, from my house to my office, I only cross one traffic light and not a single store, gas station, etc. I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT! So what’s that mean? I needed a cute travel mug to have my daily tea. When I found the matching set, I couldn’t be happier. You won’t catch me without one (or both) of these!*

12 // When I started vision casting what I wanted for my future and putting it on paper, I started to see things manifest right before my eyes. It was amazing. My practice of turning inward has evolved over the years. There’s one thing that has changed, and that’s my commitment to always vision cast the next season of my life. Over the summer, I was blessed to win The Maniscripting Journal. It has been such a beautiful guide to set forth my daily affirmation and intention. This is a beautiful gift for the soul who loves a guided prompt to journal! May all your vision casting come true with the magic of The Maniscripting Journal.**

13 // I have to admit; I purchased this book intending to keep my experience with it sacred and to myself. I have always found an outlet in my world through art, but I’ve been confident enough not to have the confidence to share it with others. As I journeyed through the pages of this book by Jamie Homeister, I was inspired. I was inspired to allow my creative outlet to expand beyond me. If you have a loved one who is inspired by art and color–or maybe it’s you–this book will do your soul good! I crave learning–learning something new, expanding who I am, discovering new things. This book did just that. It combined my love of intuition, connecting with energy (and spirits), and art to show me a new outlet in my creative world. Introduction to Chakragraphs is truly a gift to this world. Here’s a list of suggested supplies Jamie offers in the book. Pairing the book with this bundle would make such a magical gift to your loved ones.*

14 // Could these joggers be any more magical? When a soul sister told me about them, I knew they were a winner. They are so soft and comfy! They are my go-to’s now when I’m visiting my parents in Florida. Shhhh, they have taken a new residence down there. I have a hidden spot in the guest room I keep stashing things, so each trip-packing is less and less 😝 They combine my love of comfort, the woo-woo world, and joggers to brighten my spirits each time I put them on. (For reference, women — true to size).*

15 // This one deserves to be on the list for a second year! Since moving into my new office at the farm, all my Tal & Bert goodies have found a home. One is a planter, one holds my pens, and the other holds a tealight candle. Each is placed around my space with the intention to create welcoming and inspiring energy! Last year when I came across this AMAZING husband and wife duo @talandbert (Tal & Bert), I knew I needed their pieces in my life. They create these AMAZING planters (which can be used for so much more)! They mine all the minerals used to create these magical masterpieces. You can feel the love they pour into each of their products. Your loved one will NOT be disappointed with a gift from Tal & Bert. They are a small business that I LOVE supporting, and you will too when you purchase from Tal & Bert.

16 // This year has been the year for life-changing books for me. Reveal by Meggan Watterson peels the layers of who I thought I was back and reawakens my spiritual soul. Something I didn’t know I even needed until it started to happen! To put this book into a few simple words — It sheds light on what’s holding you back in your world. Cozy up with a warm cup of tea and enjoy the journey Meggan Watterson offers you.*

17 // Those following me throughout this year have journeyed with me as I moved my spirit office to Foxhollow Farm. The moment I walked into this space, I knew it was meant to be. The Universe continued to sprinkle me with signs and guidance. I love so many things about this space and the farm; my list could go on for days. Foxhollow Farm offers 100% grassfed organic beef and is a beautiful holiday gift for any of my local spirit family. I’ve come to realize over the years, while it’s fun to give and get gifts, bringing together your family & friends around a table of delicious food to create memories is one of the most enjoyable things for me. Discover what will bring your family together through the beauty of Foxhollow Farm!

18 // My annual Energy Bracelet sale was created by mistake. A few years ago, my friend asked if I would craft a bunch of bracelets for an event she was attending. Twenty bracelets later the event was canceled, so I decided to host a pop-up Facebook group and sell them. I never imagined how quickly they would sell and how much fun people had trying to grab one. This is my 4th year hosting, and I’ve got 44 bracelets, all uniquely crafted with love and cleansed in the light of the November Full Moon! Join this Facebook group on Sunday, November 21st at 7 pm EST for a fun night of Energy Bracelet shopping.

19 // 2021 has been the year I was 100% a full-time entrepreneur and fully stepped in to embrace my gifts as a Spiritual Medium and Mentor. Every single connection made with Spirit and those receiving the message uplifted my heart even more. When people ask me what my favorite thing about mediumship is – I always answer, “To be able to show you that your loved ones are still very much around you, loving and supporting you.” I am passionate about providing uplifting messages and light to all I connect with in this world and the spirit world! Gift your loved one this Holiday season with a Gift Certificate for an amazing reading.

20 // Love Warrior is a monthly digital membership led by Spiritual Medium Jenny Shanks! Each month we have a guiding theme allowing us to raise our vibration through the collective membership of this community. 

Each month you’ll receive access to the digital platform, which includes:

  • Audio guided-meditation
  • Affirmation card guided by our theme
  • 20-30 minute podcast style discussion around the monthly theme
  • Journal prompt to support you through your meditative practice 
  • Coming spring of 2022, a monthly live call to integrate the month’s theme + access to FREE readings & card pulls from Jenny
  • Discounts to workshops and events led by Jenny 
  • And much, much more……..

This monthly membership can be purchased here or gifted through a gift certificate request here. The founding members price will be honored for all gift certificates purchased through December 31, 2021. 

Please note any gift referenced above with * or ** indicates that I earn commission of the product. Some products are linked to Amazon* and as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. While some products I earn commission, all products I have personally purchased and love which is why I’m sharing them with you. Products with ** I earn commission on and you’ll be supporting a small business. While Amazon isn’t a small business by purchasing through my Amazon Associate link, you are supporting a small business. Happy Holidays to you and all your loved ones this season!