Holiday Gift Guide 2023

‘Tis that season 🎄 I’m wishing you a joyous holiday season! This year, I’m sharing a heartfelt list of holiday gifts that I’ve been using over the last 10+ months and have found joy in them all. 

Jenny Shanks Holiday Gift Guide

1. Mindless Reading. This year I made a commitment to myself to do more mindless reading. I use to always read to learn and discover. However this year I wanted to nurture my imagination. Here’s a list of a few of my favorite books. If you’re still wanting to gift a woo-woo book, here’s a link to some of my favorites. 

2. Cacao. This year I journeyed into exploring the plant medicine Cacao. I’ve shared about it in these two blogs.  Blog #1 and Blog #2. A beautiful gift for those who either love cacao or wish to explore cacao is the variety pack from Ora Cacao. This link will offer you 10% off. Embrace this gift by adding a beautiful mug to pair with it. These two have been my favorite this year! 

3. Crystals. You can never go wrong with crystals. Crystals have a beautiful way to offer us subtle energy shifts. Energy Muse is one of my go-to’s for crystal shopping! If you’re new to crystals, a few of my favorite to start with are rose quartz, citrine and amethyst.

4. Standing Desk. I have found myself sitting a lot the first half of the year. I realized I needed to change that and invested in this amazing standing desk and in the few short weeks I’ve had it, it’s been a game changer. You won’t be disappointed

5. Oracle Card Decks. This is always a winner in my books. These two decks have been my favorite all year long. The Tree of Life and Star Temple Oracle Deck. 

6. Tea Lovers. I have been using these two brands for a few years and they are always my go-to’s. Buddha Tea’s have an excellent chakra tea set for those looking to intentionally work with their 7-main charkas. For those looking to explore other teas, Art of Tea is my other favorite. This fun mug makes the tea experience even more magical. 

7. Olive Tree People. Over the last 3 months, I have started shifting my skincare to brands under the company Olive Tree People. Their motto is simple. From Tree to Beauty. The use bioactive ingredients rather than water. This company has been around for 20+ years in Europe and recently became available in the United States this summer. There are many fun Holiday Gift Sets and if you take the Olive Brain Quiz and purchase two recommended products, you’ll get free shipping + a gift. Learn more here! 

I hope you find these Holiday Gift ideas as inspiring as I have enjoyed them! I wish you a magical Holiday Season and can’t wait to see what you give and get this year! 


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