Happy Holiday Season. I have found this year to be full of more change than I ever expected. In my personal journey of allowing my intuition to guide me, I lean more into trusting and knowing it will never fail me.

Two major shifts came in this year. First, I’m pausing the Holiday Gift Guide for 2022. As much as I love creating these, I found myself this year more focused on creating memories rather than the *need* to have material things. In all the previous years, I’ve shared things I use in my everyday life. But this year, I just found I didn’t *need* all this stuff rather I was craving connection and memories.

Second, I am also pausing my annual Bracelet sale. Every time I tried sitting down this year to create new bracelets, I just couldn’t. It felt so out of alignment for me and being the energy worker I am, I decided it would be unethical of me to create something just for money and not all the love and passion I had in previous years.

I never say never though. I’m just honoring this pause, listening to my intuition and that feels 100% in alignment for me.

If you are still seeking some fun holiday gifts for your loved ones, I’m sharing the Holiday Gift Guides from previous years and a few things that have continued to stay my favorite.

  1. Book: Raise Your Vibration. This is still one of my favorite practices to follow! Kyle Gray also released a NEW Raise Your Vibration Book earlier this year too!
  2. This Moonlight sits on my altar and is such a fun gift! Great for your woo-woo loved ones and kiddos too!
  3. I love playing my singing bowls. The root chakra bowl was my very first. A beautiful reminder no matter the shifts, you can always come back home!
  4. The Chakra Buddha Teas are still one of my favorites. If you’ve been to Saturdays with Spirit, I’m sure you’ve seen them when we have our tea experience set up!
  5. For those who love crystals or want to learn more, this is still one of my favorite books!
  6. One of the creative practices I have started craving is painting. Last year, I picked up this book and I have truly fallen in love with this meditative practice + connection with spirit. Introduction to Chakragraph by Jamie Homeister. Here’s a list of suggested supplies if you want to make this a gift basket.
  7. Sharing the gift of connecting with a passed loved one can be a wonderful experience and memory to give someone. I LOVE what I do as a medium and cherish all the memories created with clients and their loved ones in spirit. Gift the beautiful experience with a gift certificate.

Want to give yourself something special? Join my monthly Love Warrior community. Each month we have a guiding theme allowing us to raise our vibration through the collective membership of this community. Join by Dec 10th and join in on my LIVE Virtual Audience Style Reading Event on December 12 at 7pm EST!

To see all the previous years Holiday Gift Guides, enjoy 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021!