Jenny Shanks Holiday Gift Guide

One // Gemstone Well. I’m a crystal lovin’ dog mama! When @GemstoneWell launched their pet water bowls I knew I needed not one but two! I’m all about crystal infused water and all the benefits, so why not share it with my dog! These things are amazing! And if you don’t have pets – I still got you covered. My favorite gemstone elixir water bottle.  Enjoy the benefits of crystal infused water without placing your crystals in the water! Some crystals are toxic to ingest so this makes an excellent alternative.** And when you purchase an amazing Gemstone product, you are support a small business!

Two // This book makes the list every single year, and it’s because I’m highly passionate about every SINGLE page of this book*. To step into your highest truth, aligning with all you are meant to be, YOU must shift and raise your vibration. This book guides you over 111 days as you spend a few minutes for YOU to raise your vibration. For anyone who’s curious about shifting energy — this is your go-to book! It makes for an amazing Holiday gift for your spiritual and woo-woo friend!

Three // Every single morning, I start with a hot cup of tea and settle into meditation. It’s the only way I have found I can easily relax and allow the day to flow. I have been LOVIN’ the Chakra teas* from Buddha Teas. They are perfectly aligned with my Root & Rise program, and this week it’s the Solar Plexus tea. Enjoy their chakra teas or find a tea that aligns with you. And if you’re like me and like hot water {all day} this is my favorite kettle.* It’s a kitchen staple in our household!

Four // Whoooaaa – My FAVORITE crystal of all time Shungite. Shungite is the only known naturally occurring mineraloid with a body of science to support its EMF protection properties. To put it simple Shungite can transform EMFs into forms of waves that are more biologically compatible with our bodies. {I know, nerd alert. I love science}. A few years ago, I connected with Valerie, The Shungite Queen**, a solopreneur, she is amazing and is full of Shungite knowledge + she’s a trusted source for getting high-quality Shungite. I have Shungite all over my home, I carry it with me, and you can find the majority of my pieces near my WiFi and computers. You might just win the best gift of the year with Shungite for your crystal lovin’, woo-woo, spiritual friend. Go check her out and know every purchase is supporting a small business and family!

Five // I knew the moment I saw this scarf I had to have it. I mean, it has my name all over it — hamsa, evil eyes and it’s black and white! This is a PERFECT gift for your woo-woo friend! It keeps you warm but isn’t too heavy! I carry this scarf everywhere with me + purchasing this amazing gift, you’re supporting yet another small business and female-owned!  Anddddd Carter is so amazing, she is offering YOU a special 15% off discount for these scarfs. Use code JENNYSHANKS to get 15% off 

Six // My suggested go-to crystals book for beginners, Crystals 365*! This book is packed full of 52 different crystals, the history behind the crystals, how each crystal can support you, and most importantly how you can use it! Crystals have been used since the beginning of time for protection and peace offerings. They are natural solids made from minerals formed in the Earth’s surface. And while there are many different shapes, sizes, and colors, each have a precise arrangement and frequency. They hold healing vibrational frequencies, and when we place them in our environment, we benefit from them. Crystals allow us to align and balance our energy centers creating space for peace and calmness. This book guides you into learning so much about each of these and how you can add them to your life. This book is my FAVORITE especially if you are starting out into the world of crystals. {p.s. – you don’t have to be new to crystals either, I’ve reread this book 3x this year}.

Seven // Ahhhhh you all knew this one was going to make the list! My favorite crystal healing jewelry! When another Sarah Belle** package arrives in the mail, I remind my husband it’s a business expense {right,?!?} Her pieces are created and crafted with light and love. Each piece is intentionally designed and you can feel all the high vibes the moment you place each piece on! You can’t go wrong finding a gift or two) for your spiritual sister with @Sarahbellestyle and you’ll be supporting another female-owned small business! AND – use code JENNYSHANKS (all caps) for 15% off

Eight // Friendsssssss I recently discovered a hidden gem! Ever Luna {a female-owned small business} is amazing. The founder and creator Emily is a beautiful soul and puts so much love into her creations. I have been obsessing over Ever Luna’s bath salts, bath teas, and herbal teas. Emily has poured her heart into these herbal self-care blends. I can’t get enough of the Full Moon Bath Tea, Lavender Balt salts {hello upper chakras} and her herbal teas. My go-to’s have been Sereni-Tea, Hibiscus & Rose, and Lemon Balm. Emily’s products are amazing, and for all my amazing readers, she’s offering 10% off your order! Cozy up with a nice relaxing bath or a cup of hot tea enjoy! Use code JENNYSHANKS to get your discount! 

Nine // Cards cards cards! You can never have enough decks of cards*. Every time I think I’m done – I find yet another deck I LOVE! This year I have been connected to four different decks. They are my go-to’s but there are soooo many others out there. Daily Crystal inspiration – this deck is amazing if you love crystals and want to learn more about them while seeking guidance. I love to use this deck for guidance with my clients. The Spirit Animal Oracle – All I can say is the beauty of an animal is truly inspirational. This deck is thoughtful with its beautiful artwork and guided messages. This deck has been featured more often than all my others in my weekly affirmation card pulls because I love it sooooo much. Earth Warriors Oracle – This deck is deeply connected to the ancient tribal warriors. The artwork is impeccable. The colors are vibrant and they lift your spirit just by simply selecting a card. This is one of the decks I use {almost} daily for my personal card pulls. The cards are deep and full of wisdom and the guidance is magical. My other daily personal card pull comes from the Lightworker Oracle Deck – This deck is uplifting and shares deep insight into the guidance you are seeking. And here’s my other favorite decks. 

Ten // I’m a big believer what you’re teachin’ and preachin’ it — you better be livin’ it! When we reach vibrating our energy at a frequency of gratitude we step into our highest self, our most authentic self. If you get into the practice of daily gratitude, you will raise your frequency to a high vibration, making it challenging for low vibes to bring you down (hello, law of attraction). I discovered this gratitude journal* over the summer and have been using it daily to shift my mindset to that high vibrational frequency! This is a beautiful gift for anyone {and not just my spiritual & woo-woo friends}. The more we can all raise our vibration, the more our world will be lifted to all the light it has to shine.

Eleven // NERD ALERT! I shared my love for this copper water bottle* over the summer on my blog. I fill it up with water at night and allow it to reach room temperature overnight, and have 8 oz first thing in the morning. A few of the amazing benefits of drinking from a copper bottle.*

  • It helps to cleanse and detox your stomach allowing for proper waste elimination.
  • Helps to regulate the functions of the liver and kidney ensuring proper nutrient absorption from food
  • Reduces inflammation and helps to reduce disease and infection
  • Balances all three doshas – Vata, Kapha, and Pitta
  • Regulates blood pressure and reoxygenate blood
  • Supports the body’s iron absorption
  • Prevents aging by helping to produce new and healthy skin cells
  • Copper aids the body’s absorption of iron, which plays a key role in fighting anemia.
  • It has a powerful antioxidant property which helps to fight off free radicals
  • Improve joint health with the properties known to strengthen the bone and immune system

You’ll want to be careful purchasing these bottles making sure they come from a reliable source. This is the exact one I have and use daily.

Twelve // I’m ALLLLL about protecting my energy both my physical body and my spiritual body. A few months ago, I was interviewed about the harmful effects of man-made radiation and how we can protect ourselves from all this EMF stuff.  These earbuds are AMAZING! They have anti-radiation shielded wires and amazing EMF protection.  This company is founded by a female – yup another female owned small business paving their path in protecting our energy!

Thirteen // I literally thought my hair caught on fire….That was my first experience with my AMAZING Reiki Master and Healer, Beth. I work daily on my energy but as a healer, it’s always so important to focus on “energy self-care.” I was laying on her table and I literally thought my hair caught on fire because there was so much energy come from my head {imagine that, being a medium}. Beth is truly amazing. She takes her time to make sure she energetically works through your entire energy field. At the end of the session, she spends time explaining everything she experienced and shares ways for me to work with each of her findings to continue the healing process.  Beth is knowledgeable, loving, high vibe and you can tell the moment you connect with her she is passionate about her practice. This is the PERFECT gift for a loved one who deserves a moment of self-care. {p.s. another female-owned small business}.

Fourteen // Self-care and self-compassion are sooooo important when it comes to caring for ourselves and raising our vibration. Our mind, body, and spirit all deserve it. When we raise our vibration to a level of gratitude, we create a space for our mind, body, and spirit to be free and balanced. Last year, I noticed the things I once took as a moment of self-care started to turn into a routine and I wasn’t appreciating them the way I would have previously. I found this amazing little book* with 200 self-care ideas to refresh and restore. Anytime I know I need to reset; I grab this book and flip it up to a suggested self-care tip! These tips are amazing and it’s such a beautiful gift to give your loved one {and pair it with a gift certificate with a Reiki session with Beth}.

Fifteen // Sound healing is a beautiful technique that allows the vibration of your energy to align with the steady energy of an instrument. Depending on the frequency, you might find your energy raises, while other frequencies might create a more grounding vibration. For your spiritual lover who loves to enjoy music while getting into a meditative state, crystal singing bowls are a beautiful way to enjoy those benefits. This is one of my favorite crystal singing bowl for grounding yourself. I added this one to my collection for easy travel this year {yesssss I travel with my singing bowl}.

Sixteen // EVERY SINGLE MORNING! Of course, after my celery juice, I make a cup of hot water and add a few drops of lemon to it. Lemon is a great detoxifier and is a major supporter of the Solar Plexus! This is my go-to essential oil* and my favorite coffee mug*. A perfect little gift for someone special in your world! 

Seventeen // THIS BOOK CHANGED MY ENTIRE THINKING PROCESS! We’ve all heard of the law of attraction. You attract the vibe you put out into the world. If you want something to happen, why not live in that moment! My entire world started to shift as I put tips and suggestions into practice, I learned from this amazing book* by Dr. Joe Dispenza. I’ve always been into the science behind the woo-woo. This book won’t disappoint and it might be the perfect gift to give yourself 🙂 

Eighteen // I LOVE LOVE LOVE sharing my amazing students. I have been sooooo lucky to work with the amazing Erica Sartini-Combs this year in so many different forms from mentoring, energy work, to her guiding me to Level Up and NOW I’m soooo happy to share she is venturing into her own business as a Human Design Practitioner. I was honored to have a reading from her a few months ago and I can’t even begin to explain how enlightening and validating our time was together. A Human Design Foundational Reading is an opportunity to look into your energy design. It provides practical information and tools for your unique system. From decision-making to finding potential for ease, Human Design’s 9 centers offer clarity and direction to living more in alignment.  A gift certificate for a Human Design Foundational Reading is supporting another female-owned small business! Book your session here! And use code JENNYSHANKS for 15% off!!!!!!!

Nineteen // One day while I found myself lost in my IG feed, I came across this AMAZING husband and wife duo @talandbert (Tal & Bert). They create these AMAZING planters! They mine all the minerals used to create these magical masterpieces. I went to purchase and realized at the time, they only did releases once a month, and their products sold out FAST! It was a Saturday afternoon in August, I was ready to go. Laptop ready, phone ready — I had decided what I wanted and was ready to go! Within 3 minutes, my order was placed and I couldn’t wait for these gems to arrive! Tal & Bert does NOT disappoint. You can feel the love they pour into their products. Great news – you no longer have to wait for monthly releases, their online store is open and ready for YOU! Your loved one will NOT be disappointed with a gift from Tal & Bert. AND is another small business that I LOVE and you will be supporting when you purchase from Tal & Bert.

Twenty // When people ask me what my favorite thing is about mediumship is – I always answer, “To be able to show you, your loved ones are still very much around you, loving and supporting you.” I am passionate about providing uplifting messages and light to all who I connect with in this world and the spirit world! Gift your loved one this Holiday season with a Gift Certificate for an amazing reading.

Bonus // I couldn’t pull this list together without sharing an experience I never thought I would do. Last December, my husband and I decided we wanted to get a tattoo to connect us together. A few months prior I met the amazing Louisa, owner of Bluebird Ink Beautique. I went home that night to B and said we should get tattoos — something that connects us. We scheduled a consultation with Louisa on a Friday in December only to realize two days later we were getting inked! Y’all I can’t even believe to tell you spending the day with Louisa is so much more than getting a tattoo. The moment you walk into her space, her energy, the experience she gives you. She is knowledgeable, she is fun, she is passionate about the journey you experience with her. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing she is — you have to experience it for yourself. This is the perfect gift to give yourself and your loved one. You can see the journey my husband and I shared with Louisa here

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Please note any gift referenced above with * or ** indicates that I earn commission of the product. Some products are linked to Amazon* and as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. While some products I earn commission, all products I have personally purchased and love which is why I’m sharing them with you. Products with ** I earn commission on and you’ll be supporting a small business. While Amazon isn’t a small business by purchasing through my Amazon Associate link, you are supporting a small business. Happy Holidays to you and all your loved ones this season!