Group Mentoring

Jenny has opened the application for her Spiritual Mediumship Mastermind Program. This 6-month program will allow you space and time to truly take in the information, connecting with other students and developing your gifts. Jenny will be standing side by side with you to help you understand, develop and guide you through this journey.

Her program will be limited to 8 students and is by application only! All applicants will be thoughtfully chosen based on dedication and readiness to commit to this journey. 
Jenny hosted a 5 Day Sneak Peek into this program — you can catch the replays below. 
Day 1 — Details about the program, why Jenny created it and what you can expect day’s 2-5. Replays Part 1 and Part 2
Day 2—  We chatted about intuition, trusting the signs, and becoming aware of your spirit guides. Day 2 replay part 1 and part 2 
Day 3 — We talked about self-compassion through this journey, Jenny’s 6 steps to self-care and balance, raising your vibration and the importance of meditation. Day 3 replay. 
Day 4— The must common question, “How can I connect with my own family?”, dreams and journaling and mediumship vs. psychic vs intuition. Day 4 replay
Day 5 — We wrapped up with Question & Answers about the program. Day 5 replay

Interested in applying to the program — Click Here

The application is open until May 24, 2019.