December’s Gemini Full Moon will take place on Wednesday, 12/11/19. Gemini belongs to the third house of communication and does this as a means to gather information. She does this without judgment; she is the patient observer of your own life.

As you observe your vibration, do so with an open mind and know there are no wrong emotions, they just simply are. Gather this information
about yourself during this Full Moon and keep an open mind about everything you learn.

We all have stories, or narratives, that go through our minds all the time. Some of the stories are about us, some about people close to us, and some about strangers in passing. A lot of times we presume these stories are true without really knowing their truth. We make our reality their
reality. Start to observe these stories you place on yourself and others with an open mind this Full Moon and open yourself to new truths.

The most important thing to remember about these narratives is that they aren’t based on the now. They were from past experiences or lessons. As you challenge their truthfulness, you make space for them to be released or changed. One way to shift your vibration is to release old stories and create space to either rewrite old ones or make new ones based on the present moment, not the past. Our stories are just that stories. When you become aware of the stories you tell yourself and your responses to external factors, you gain the power to change them.

Gemini Lunar Flow

Gemini is connected to the way we breathe and the nervous system. She also rules the hands, arms, and lungs. If you talk with your hands, you are harnessing Gemini’s energy. The Gemini Lunar Flow will help you connect with the energy of Gemini in your body while bringing balance to it.

Do the following movements while breathing with an inhale of 4 counts, then an exhale of 4 counts.

  • Downward facing dog — 5 breaths
  • Forward bend– 10 breaths
  • Sun salutation A — 5 rounds
  • Easy twisted lunge > low lunge > low lunge twist — 5 breaths each
  • Child’s pose — 5 breaths
  • Seated forward bend sequence — 5 breaths
  • Viparita karani — 5 to 10 minutes

Gemini Meditation

It’s important to be grounded during Gemini as her energy moves quickly. If left unchecked, this energy can cause anxiety. This mediation will help ground you and is good for any time you feel your mind is running in circles and you need to focus.

  • Four-part abdominal breathwork — 5 minutes. This can be done either seated or lying down. Closing your eyes, inhale for a count of 4, hold, and then exhale for a count of 4. Feel the breath circulate through your body, releasing any tension.
  • Counting Meditation — 5 minutes. This is a great one to do anytime, anywhere. Keep the breath natural throughout. Say to yourself 1 on inhale, 2 on exhale, 3 on inhale, 4 on exhale. Do this all the way to 8. Then start back at 1. Do this for 5 minutes and if you find yourself losing track of what number you?re on, return to 1. When finished, open your eyes and feel a sense of peace and steadiness.
  • Present awareness meditation. This is another great one that can be done anywhere. Close your eyes and feel your feet on the ground. Say to yourself, I feel the Earth below me. I connect to the Earth below me. I am the Earth below me. Repeat 3 times, feeling each part of your foot on the ground. Then when you open your eyes, observe the colors in the room, starting with the colors on the walls, then the colors in the room. If you?re outside, just take in all the colors in your space. Don?t label, just observe. Feel grounded as you take 3 deep breaths.

Full Moon Rituals

If you would like a FREE guided Full Moon Ritual, grab yours here.

For a more in-depth Full Moon ritual, grab it here.

Crystals for
the Gemini Full Moon

  • Malachite — Malachite represents personal growth and abundance. Use this stone?s transformative powers to infuse your body and mind with a white light of pure, healing love.
  • Sodalite — Sodalite is a third eye chakra stone to help you raise your vibration and let go of all negativity. Use it to boost your intuition and radiate energy whenever you feel stuck.
  • Chrysocolla — Use this stone, which is connected to the vibration of the earth, to help keep you grounded. It opens the throat chakra, which boosts communication and self-expression by drawing negativity from the body. The Gemini Full Moon is all about communication, healing old wounds, and rewriting your story. Let Chrysocolla help you.