This month’s New Moon is in Aquarius. This New Moon falls at 4:03 pm on February 4, 2019. New Moons are always a time for us to set forth intentions of new beginnings. Aquarian’s are often known to march to the beat of their own drum. When the New Moon is in Aquarius it guides us to cut out any energy that’s holding us back and no longer serving us, allowing us a greater ability to expand our perceptions. Aquarians are known to create concepts seemingly far beyond our reach but the New Moon helps us bring us back down to reality and making these concepts come alive.

I’ve gathered some of my favorite crystals that I feel are perfect for the New Moon. Carry them on your body during the moon, sleep with them under your pillow, charge them under the moon as we enter into this phase. I also encourage you to incorporate these crystals into your New Moon Ritual.

1.     Aquamarine – Aquarians can be known to have that woo-woo personality. Aquamarine helps to calm the mind, center us and bring us into our inner and higher self. This helps you turn your thoughts into reality.

2.     Peacock Ore — It’s the stone of happiness and promoting joy by dispelling any negativity energy. It also helps to align & activate the chakras. This helps to shed lower frequencies making space for the higher ones to flourish.

3.     Amethyst — This is the ultimate spiritual stone. It helps to encourage inner strength, encouraging spiritual growth and intuition. It helps you determine what changes to make as you move into this New Moon.

I released my Simple New Moon Ritual today and you can get it for FREE. I hope that you enjoy using this ritual as a way to welcome positivity into your life and help manifest your hopes and dreams.If you want to take your New Moon Ritual a step further, check out my 19-Step New Moon ritual to take you deeper into manifesting your intentions.