February, though short, can feel long sometimes–especially with our reflective, emotional new moon in Aquarius early in the month. Thankfully we’ve got a strong, fun-loving full moon in Leo to balance us out! February’s Leo full moon will be a wonderful time to check in with ourselves and our highest truths, especially where passion and creativity are involved. 

Winter is a season for hibernation and potential. If it feels closed off, take some time to go inward with this month’s moon forecasts. Read on for how to balance the moons this month, including moon rituals, crystals, oils, and affirmations to keep you on track for February 2022.

February 2022 New and Full Moons Essential Oil and Crystal Guidance

February 2022 New Moon Insights

The early Aquarius new moon on February 1, 2022 will start the month off with a forward motion. You might find yourself feeling detached, isolated, or even a little rebellious, so be gentle with yourself and ask yourself where you are being called to step up and be practical to meet your goals. Using the new moon rituals (linked below) with the crystals for this month will be especially helpful as you allow the Aquarius moon to support you in sticking with any resolutions you might have made this year. 

February 2022 New Moon Crystal + Essential Oil Guidance

February 2022 New Moon Crystal and Essential Oil
New Moon Crystal: Chrysocola

Try incorporating chrysocola into your crystal practice on February 1st to support clear-headed thinking and discernment as you set intentions for the month. Chrysocola is a powerfully calming stone for clarity, and it makes great jewelry, too! 

Similarly, ylang ylang essential oil is an uplifting, calming scent. It is a delicate, sensual perfume that works perfectly as a personal scent. Ylang ylang eases nervous tension and soothes the mind, so diffuse or wear it on the new moon as you settle in and focus on what you most want out of your life.   

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Aquarius New Moon Affirmations

  • I set and pursue goals with love and joy
  • Everything I send out comes back to me, multiplied
  • As I meet my own needs first, I can better meet the needs of others

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February 2022 Full Moon Insights

Lordly Leo arrives February 16th, shortly after Valentine’s Day. As you (or maybe those around you) are celebrating love and relationships, the full moon in Leo calls us to tap into our passionate, creative side–whether in our relationships, our hobbies, or at work. This full moon is a perfect time to let go of any fear-based, self-centered vibes and replace them with fun-loving, easy-going support for self and others.

February 2022 Full Moon Crystal + Essential Oil Guidance

February 2022 Full Moon Crystal and Essential Oil
Full Moon Crystal: Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate complements this Leo full moon with its upbeat, candid energy. Use or wear blue lace agate for openness and honesty, as well as the courage to let out anything you have been holding back. Blue lace agate takes its “lacy” pattern from the creeks and rivers that give it life, so allow that watery energy to bring you the flow you need at this time. A beautiful blue lace agate necklace will work wonders worn around the throat chakra and hanging near the heart as you allow your passions to rise to your highest truth. 

Spruce essential oil is a cleansing, harmonizing oil with benefits for the heart chakra and the body’s circulatory systems. Diffuse it before bed for a spiritually uplifting atmosphere. You can also put 10-12 drops in a spray bottle with water and spritz down kitchen and bathroom surfaces, then wipe down with a cloth. Spruce’s antibacterial powers will freshen up your home (and leave it smelling like a Northern forest).

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Leo Affirmations

  • I stand in my power and share my truths with love
  • As I share my truths, truth comes back to me
  • It is safe to follow my bliss

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Keep in Mind

As the winter rolls on, let the moon guide you through this season of potential. If it feels like a time of waiting, see what energies come up for healing, and you might be surprised what the future springtime has to offer! 

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