Saturdays with Spirit

Welcome to August! As we return from our summer break, we’re feeling refreshed and excited to reconnect with our community. The warmth of summer is still with us, but there’s a hint of change in the air as we move towards the later part of the season.

The farm will continue to join us and have their market open 10am 1-pm. Come celebrate the abundance of late summer and support our wonderful small businesses!

As we attune ourselves to the rhythms of the universe, you’ll find familiarity as we unlock the doors:

  • Doors open at 8:50am for an enchanting day ahead
  • First round of sign-in’s will be 9am to 11am starting at 8:50am EST. 
  • Second round will be out around 10:45 am for the 11am-1pm spots 

Saturdays with Spirit is more than just an event; it’s a celebration of community, spirituality, and the boundless potential of the human spirit. Our commitment to fostering connections remains strong, and our space continues to be a canvas for shared experiences and collective growth.

We invite you to join us in your fullest expression, basking in the warmth of belonging. Everyone is not just welcomed here; they are celebrated. Our community is a vibrant mosaic of kindred souls, eager to explore the depths of spirituality and holistic healing together. As you step into the space, allow yourself to be enveloped by the embrace of community and the promise of transformation. Together, let’s co-create moments of magic, growth, and illumination. Embrace the journey, and let your light shine brightly as we weave the threads of connection and possibility.

The doors for SWS open at 8:50 am EST to grab your beautiful session! This event is walk-in only, appointments are not accepted. Event is 9am EST – 1pm EST. Please note: Most healer services are cash only. Change cannot be made for $100 bills. 

Saturdays with Spirit is hosted on the second Saturday of every month. We take a relaxing break in January, July and December. 

We can’t wait to welcome you back and continue this journey of discovery and renewal together. See you soon! 🌈✨

aturdays with Spirit is hosted on the second Saturday of every month. We take a relax & reset break in January and July.

Jenny Shanks Spiritual MediumJenny Shanks, Spiritual Medium. Meet the heart and soul behind Saturdays with Spirit, Jenny Shanks! 🌟 Jenny is a Spiritual Medium and is on a mission to spread love and healing through her unique ability to connect with the spirit world. Her passion shines through as she creates a welcoming community space filled with the highest light and connection. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to bask in the positive vibes!  Leave your worries at the door and step into a session with Jenny, where you’re sure to leave with a newfound sense of peace and comfort. Cash Only. One time slot per person. Exchange: $40 | 15-minute readings.

Beth Bersot Saturdays with Spirit

Beth Bersot, Certified Angelic Reiki Master, Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher and a Certified Crystal Healer. Meet Beth, she is passionate about connecting with angels, Reiki, crystal healing, and meditation – all of which she uses in her own daily practice. As a spiritual facilitator and channeler for multiple healing modalities, she keeps one foot in the spiritual realms, and holds space with you while you both work toward mental, emotional, and spiritual balance. She uses Reiki and Angelic connections, along with supporting tools like healing stones, aromatherapy, intuitive downloads, singing bowls, and other techniques as guided by Spirit. Beth is the owner of Spirit Wings, LLC located in Crestwood, KY. Her high vibe energy is powerful, fun, positive and full of light! You will walk away feeling lighter and uplifted after having a session with her. Exchange: $40, 20-minutes. Cash Only. 

Erica Sartini-Combs is the founder and practitioner of Guided Place, a home for cultivating self-awareness and wholeness. As an intuitive guide, Erica creates opportunities and tools to support the alignment of soul + self. Join Erica for an Intro to Your Human Design Reading:Human Design is a blueprint of the energy you brought into this lifetime. This 15-minute reading will explore your unique BodyGraph, sharing insights about your personal Energy Type, Strategy, and Authority. Erica will provide practical information and tools based on these aspects of your chart.  This session offers a reflection of how your personal energy system operates offering you more clarity and ease.Note: To pull your bodygraph chart, participants must know their birth date, birth time (HH:MM AM/PM), and birth city/state (or equivalent). This will be shared at time of appointment. Exchange: $40 Cash or Venmo 

Aura Vaught Craniosacral Saturdays with Spirit

Aura Vaught, intuitive bodyworker. Aura will be offering craniosacral sessions. CST is where science and energy meet, a subtle, yet deep form of bodywork that works with light touch to access the deepest tissues in the body. The focus is on the 22 cranial bones, spine and sacrum; as well as the brain, cerebrospinal fluid, and surrounding membranes.  This work is given on a massage table with the recipient fully clothed and supported with blankets and bolsters if needed. Anyone can benefit from this work which has its roots in osteopathic manual therapy.  Aura is excited to share her healing touch with the community. She has been interested in energy work and the subtle body since discovering what an aura really was at age 14!  She is a lifelong student of all things body/mind/spirit, astrology, holistic health, as well as a reiki master, yoga teacher, and massage and bodywork educator teaching locally and regionally. Passionate about all the layers of the body seen and unseen, her studies have taken her to Thailand many times.  Aura hopes to assist others in finding balanced alignment and ease in their bodies with her hands-on sessions. Exchange: $30 | 15-minutes 

Angelina, a student of world-famous Dr. Arjun Pai. Jyotish is an ancient science that originated in the Vedic traditions of India. Jyotish will help whenever you are in search for the answers or solutions in life or for a way out of chaos and circumstances, or you just feel ready to look deeper into your life purpose and unique hidden potential. From Sanskrit Jyotish means “the light of the divine”, the light that can bring clarity, confidence and inspiration and guide us through your life path. Angelina will be giving mini astrological readings and selling some of her astrological necklaces. Please prepare your date, place and time of birth. Exchange: $40 cash or Paypal for a 30-minute reading.



Mystical Vendors Saturdays with Spirit


Sarah Belle will be popping up shop with handmade energy healing jewelry and crystals and will have some exclusive items not found online!  Prices vary



Kelley Luckett Soul Portraits Saturdays with SpiritKelley Luckett, artist, intuitive, and energy healer. In April 2022 she embarked on a transformative journey, crafting the Abstract Intentions Oracle Deck by painting a card each day using words that inspire action. Now, at Saturdays with Spirit, Kelley is thrilled to provide 3-card readings from this unique deck. These readings aim to assist you in formulating affirmations that will serve as beacons of hope, guiding you on your path. Exchange for each session is $20 cash/$25 Venmo.


Tamara has been a home chef and baker from the time she was very young. Learning to cook in her grandmother’s “Mammy’s” kitchen, she quickly fell in love with the process of adding separate ingredients to make a complete dish. Cooking with Intention is a practice of bringing spiritual intention to the daily ritual of cooking and eating. Everything we put into our bodies affects us, and not just physically; there are spiritual and mental connections to food as well. Tamara makes spice blends using traditional herbs and spices to set specific intentions in the kitchen, and she has created kitchen wands using kitchen tools and specific crystals to set or enhance your intentions while cooking. Tamara will have her spice blends, crystal enhanced kitchen tools and much more. Prices Vary.

Dr. Brad Conder, Doctor of Physical Therapy and Board Certified in Orthopedics. Dr. Conder, is the Owner of Focus Physical Therapy with two locations at Mellwood art center and off Blankenbaker in the East End.  Brad is passionate about natural healing and working with chronic pain and difficult cases. We use multiple different hands on techniques including dry needling, manipulation and soft tissue work.  Also we have added PEMF to our practice. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy aides in natural healing for many different conditions. Exchange: 30-minute FREE for dry needling trials or PEMF sessions. 

Nicole Ray, Intuitive Mindset Coach & Manifestation Teacher will be offering a Customized Flower Essence. Flower essences are infusions of the energetics of flowers. Each one has its own signature that can help with various energetic mis-alignments such as lack of confidence, fear, doubt and other blocks.  Similar to homeopathy, by taking the flower essence remedy specific to your needs it works to support you and your body energetically to bring things back to balance and support your personal growth gracefully and naturally so you can be at your optimum self expression.Nicole will customize your essence based on short consultation. You’ll get your personalized bottle to take with you. Exchange: $35.00

Cory Lockhart Saturdays with SpiritCory Lockhart, teacher, artist, Reiki Master, and owner of Hart Communication, LLC. She uses Compassionate Communication, mindfulness, creativity, and intuitive practices to help individuals and groups to express themselves with clarity, authenticity, and grounding. She believes that each of us has a role in healing our hurting world and that the process begins with ourselves. At Saturdays with Spirit, Cory will be selling her Cards for Remembering oracle deck, original art and art prints, and offering readings with her Cards for Remembering. How often do you get readings by the actual deck creator? Prices Vary. 


We are currently not accepting applications for new healers and vendors for 2024. 

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Aug 10 2024


9:00 am - 1:00 pm


Foxhollow Farm
8905 Hwy 329 Crestwood, Kentucky


Jenny Shanks