Saturdays with Spirit

Saturdays with Spirit

WOW! We had so many new faces visit the July Saturdays with Spirit. Our little community is growing and we love every minute of it.  The offerings of Saturdays with Spirit in August continue to evolve as we create more experiences for you to enjoy! Join us on Saturday August 13th as we welcome new spiritual healers, mystical vendors and new experiences for you in the space. SWS is hosted in-person on the beautiful grounds of Foxhollow Farm! The main event is all indoors but as the beauty of the farm uplifts you, you are welcome to venture out and explore the nature trail, the stone circle and much more. NEW this month, Foxhollow Farm will open their market for all to enjoy their grassfed beef, locally grown vegetables and much more. Below you’ll find a list of healers, vendors, and prices. Come enjoy a day of healing, visit the mystical vendors and enjoy the different experiences we will be offering. 

Doors open at 8:50 am EST to grab your beautiful session! This event is walk-in only, appointments are not accepted. Event is 9am EST – 1pm EST. Please note: Most healer services are cash only. Change cannot be made for $100 bills. 

Saturdays with Spirit is hosted on the second Saturday of every month. We take a relax & reset break in January and a fall break in September.

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Jenny Shanks Spiritual MediumMeet Jenny Shanks! Jenny is a Spiritual Medium & Mentor and will be offering 15-minute reading sessions. As the founder of Saturdays with Spirit, her goal was to offer an array of spiritual healers for you to meet & experience. She is passionate about helping others heal with her love of connecting to spirit, and she LOVES creating the community space to offer the highest light and connection. You’ll leave your time with Jenny feeling a sense of peace and comfort. Exchange: $35 for 15-minute readings. Cash Only. One time slot per person.


Beth Bersot Saturdays with Spirit

Meet Beth Bersot is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Crystal Healer and owner of Spirit Wings, LLC in Crestwood, KY at Foxhollow Farm.  Beth is passionate about crystal healing, essential oils, Reiki, and meditation – all of which she uses in her own daily practice. As a spiritual facilitator and channeler for multiple Earth-life healing modalities, she keeps one foot in the spiritual realm, and holds space with you while you both work toward mental, emotional, and spiritual balance. She uses Reiki along with supporting tools like healing stones, aromatherapy, intuitive downloads, angel work, the Akashic Records, and other techniques as guided by Spirit. Reiki is a Japanese technique that helps with relaxation and stress reduction. Reiki helps to facilitate the body’s natural healing process through energy exchange. Reiki works on the whole person, balancing the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Beth’s high vibe energy is powerful, fun, positive and full of light!  You will walk away feeling lighter and uplifted after having a session with her. Exchange: $35 for one 20-minute mini-Reiki session. Cash Only.

Meet Erica Sartini-Combs is the founder and practitioner of Guided Place, a home for cultivating self-awareness and wholeness. As an intuitive guide, Erica creates opportunities and tools to support the alignment of soul + self.  Join Erica for an Intro to Your Human Design Reading: Human Design is a blueprint of the energy you brought into this lifetime. This 15-minute reading will explore your unique BodyGraph, sharing insights about your personal Energy Type, Strategy, and Authority. Erica will provide practical information and tools based on these aspects of your chart.  This session offers a reflection of how your personal energy system operates offering you more clarity and ease. Note: To pull your bodygraph chart, participants must know their birth date, birth time (HH:MM AM/PM), and birth city/state (or equivalent). This will be shared at time of appointment. Exchange: $35 Cash or Venmo

Meet Robin Aleksevitch, RN CBS. Robin has been a Registered Nurse for over 33 years, receiving her Bachelors Degrees in Nursing, Psychology and English from the University of South Dakota. Working as a nurse in cardiac, behavioral and school nursing, she saw the impact stress plays on our body, mind and health. She started her journey of Holistic Wellness and has added DoTERRA Essential Oils, Reiki and Biofeedback to help her clients reach their optimum health goals.  She is a Certified Biofeedback Specialist and uses it to help her clients to connect with their body to reduce pain, manage stress, headaches, anxiety, smoking cessation and so much more. Robin sees clients at Fox Hollow and Meridian Integrative Wellness. Connect with her on Instagram. Robin will be offering mini 30-minute biofeedback sessions. A mini biofeedback session will show where you hold your stress in your body. Through small frequency impulses, your body will begin balancing to reduce stress and relieve the body symptoms you have, leaving you feeling energized and emotionally balanced. Exchange: $40 for a 30-minute biofeedback session. Cash Only.

Meet Nicole Bartlett. Nicole will be offering breathwork sessions. Breathwork is a tool used to access the subconscious, often paired with psychotherapy and recovery. It allows you to understand your resistance and acceptance, opening the path for clear communication and living in truth. One way to begin to trust yourself is to become aware of what is and is not serving. We have become a culture of the mind, needing everything validated by science or proven practices. We’ve forgotten the beauty of mystery. We’ve forgotten that we have an innate ability to know without seeking outside of ourselves for this knowledge. Exchange: $25 per 20 minute session. Payment accepted is cash or venmo


Mystical Vendors Saturdays with Spirit Jenny Shanks

Cory Lockhart Saturdays with Spirit

Meet Cory Lockhart. Cory is a teacher, artist, Reiki Master, and owner of Hart Communication, LLC. Using Compassionate Communication, mindfulness, creativity, and intuitive practices, she helps individuals and groups to communicate with greater clarity, authenticity, and grounding. She believes that each of us has a role in healing our hurting world and that the process begins with ourselves because we are a part of the world. Cory will be selling her Cards for Remembering oracle deck, original art and art prints, and offering readings with her Cards for Remembering. How often do you get readings by the actual deck creators? Prices vary.


Meet Sarah Belle an ascension mentor, certified crystal healer + creative who is passionate about helping others lead a more awakened life by learning how to embody their authentic light and hold a higher vibration. She will be popping up shop with handmade energy healing jewelry and crystals and will have some exclusive items not found online! She will answer all your crystal questions and help you understand the energies seeking you and why through her connection with the crystal wisdom keepers. Prices vary.


Donna Saturdays with spirit

Meet Donna Evans! Donna is a Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Healer and owner of Rock This Out.  Having always been creative, in 2019 Donna took a leap and left her 20+ year corporate career as a project manager to open her own business.  Since then she has followed her heart and allowed her intuition to guide her and her business.  Through this journey, Donna now combines a love for woodworking, energy work and crystals to create home decor and other comfort items that speak to the soul.  Her favorite thing is to infuse amazing positive energy into any Rock This Out items in hopes of filling your life and home with smiles, peace and lots of joy.  Prices vary. 

Meet Rays Aura Portraits. Amanda and Jamie are the owners of RAYS Aura Portraits. Amanda grew up having her aura photographed every summer in Sedona as a kid and brings her passion and intuition of energy work and healing into her aura photography sessions. Jamie combines his vast knowledge of sound, literature, and logical applications when giving a reading in a very down to earth way. Together, they make up RAYS Aura Portraits, sharing their combined knowledge to provide in-depth readings for clients, explaining the differences in shapes and colors within the energetic field, and offering insights that can help support each person on their life journey. All on Polaroid film! Exchange: $40 per photograph


Sarah Hester Saturdays with Spirit

Meet Sarah. Sarah Hester is the owner of SSH Photography LLC, specializing in authentic portrait photography. From babies and families to high school seniors and brand photography, Sarah loves to bring joy and a sense of playfulness to her portrait sessions. As a Louisville native and mama of two, she loves to get outdoors in the buttery sunshine (especially at her new studio space at Foxhollow  Farm!) to create magical portraits that preserve the sweet moments and the little details that can be cherished for a lifetime.  When was the last time you had a beautiful picture made of YOU? Join Sarah for a simple and sweet portrait session, infused with the beautiful energy of the farm to truly celebrate the magic that is YOU! These sessions are perfect for a new headshot or profile picture, a keepsake for family and friends, or even just a time to document the journey you are on, what you have overcome, and a reminder of how beautiful you really are.  Session details: We’ll begin with a brief gratitude meditation to help you shine from within and then move into portraits, where Sarah will lead you through authentic movement and posing to create beautiful images. Images will then be finished and sent to you for digital download with a print release about 14 days after your session. Signing up in advance is highly recommended. Exchange: $40 for session and 5 digital files. Cash or booking site.

Dr. Richard Reul Saturdays with Spirit

Meet Dr. Richard Reul with Reul Chiropractic. Dr. Reul has  been a chiropractor in Louisville since 1993. He will be offering a limited examination and giving a noninvasive vibrational input to demonstrate the power of TRT paired with a short education session explaining the Torque Release Technique ( There is no cost for this experience.



Felicia Woods Saturdays with Spirit

Meet Felicia Woods. Felicia will be offering two magical experiences for you to enjoy! She will start the day with a beautiful Slow Flow Yoga class as you connect your mind, body and spirit through grounding, conscious breathing and movement in this all-levels yoga practice. From beginners to experienced practitioners, all can benefit from this 30-minute slow flow class. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat and water. This class will be offered first thing in the morning at 9:15am EST. Please bring your own yoga mat + water. Following her yoga class she will be offering a 15-minute Accessing Your Creative Self guided meditation. Whether you are looking for inspiration, a solution to a problem, or motivation to follow through, guidance for what you seek can be found within. No prior meditation experience is necessary for participation. Bring your own meditation pillow or blanket and comfortable clothing + water is recommended. Yoga Exchange: $15 Venmo or Cash. Guided Meditation Exchange: $10 Venmo or Cash.

Foxhollow Farm Saturdays with Spirit

We are thrilled to have Foxhollow Farm open their market for Saturdays with Spirit. We are thrilled to have Foxhollow Farm open their market for Saturdays with Spirit. Our mission is to create a thriving biodynamic community, and that includes the wildlife, the people that live here, and those that visit. The Foxhollow Farm Market will be open from 9am – 12pm during the event. The market is located to the right of the parking lot in the white barn. Enjoy 100% grassfed beef, fresh vegetables from the garden, local honey and much more.



The Tea Experience is coming back!!!! Experience the mindful practice of tea by enjoying a cup of tea by Sarah Belle and Jenny Shanks. 



Interested in being a healer or vendor at Saturdays with Spirit, you can apply here


Aug 13 2022


9:00 am - 1:00 pm


Foxhollow Farm
8905 Hwy 329 Crestwood, Kentucky


Jenny Shanks