Jenny Shanks spiritual medium

Intro to Mediumship {Three Part LIVE course}

Intro to Mediumship offers you the foundational basics of learning to trust the signs and messages from spirit.
Over the course of three, two-hour classes, we dive deep into understanding how spirit communicates with us. In this program, we focus the majority of our connection to ourselves.
Many people think mediumship is all about connecting with others and while yes part of that is true, if we aren’t in alignment with ourselves, we will create a disservice to the sacred spiritual world. It’s important to focus on creating our solid foundation of trust before sharing them beyond ourselves.
Intro to Mediumship starts Monday October 10th – but I have a few fun giveaways for anyone who signs up by September 30th.
✨ Early Bird Discount – 25% off (use code: earlybird)
Immediate access to the dashboard + a bonus audio guided meditation
✨ Access to our Community Group which I’ll be jumping in and offering FREE card pulls leading up to the program.
✨ One FREE month to Love Warrior (details into the course dashboard)
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Sep 12 2022


8:00 am - 6:00 pm