Jenny Shanks Gratitude Challenge

12 Days of Gratitude Challenge

Join Jenny for a 12 Days of Gratitude Challenge. When we shift our energy to the frequency of gratitude, we lean into the space of trusting our intuition on a deeper level.

This challenge is 100% and filled with amazing souls + fun giveaways!

Here’s how it works:

  • Each day I’ll share a guided gratitude prompt! Below you’ll share how you are grateful. This is the part that’s important, when you take time to dive into why you are grateful you must peel back the layers, asking yourself why am I grateful for this? What does it make me feel when I’m grateful for {insert the daily prompt}? What do I see and hear when I’m grateful for {insert daily prompt}? The goal here is to shift your frequency reaching the scale of gratitude (aka coming into alignment with our intuition)
  • Then each evening there will be a post for you to share about your day with guided prompts.
  • The goal of this 12-day challenge is to allow yourself to start and end the day with gratitude so you are continually “programming” yourself with the frequency of gratitude.
  • I always love to give grace but for this challenge, the commitment is morning and night, daily for 12 days.

We start Monday November 29th in our ✨Be The Light✨ Facebook group, join here!


Nov 29 2021 - Dec 10 2021


6:00 am - 6:00 pm


Jenny Shanks