Jenny Shanks Envision

Let’s vision cast your 2022 to create your strongest year! During this two-day workshop, we will surrender to the beauty of the land, spirit, and your intuition to guide you through a series of stages to create the vision you want for 2022.

There will be meditative movement, interactive conversation where we shed limiting beliefs, inward work, and outward expression. We will integrate new beliefs on the second day as you create a vision board for the new year.

You’ll walk away with a foundation of what you want for 2022.

As we approach the fall, this season of life guides us to plant our seeds for the coming spring. Through the journey of this workshop, the healing energy this land has to offer, and the commitment you have made to lovewardly living your life, you’ll plant those seeds {now}, so you’ll have your intentions for the coming year clear!

Envision will be hosted in-person at Foxhollow Farm. The workshop space will take place in the Farm Center. The center is very spacious and will allow for social distancing.

Envision offers three different exchange options. Each option builds on the other, allowing you to align with what you need most for this next season of life.

Meet Jenny


Jenny Shanks is a Spiritual Medium, Mentor, and Motivational Speaker. Through her methodology of infusing science, the spirit world, and energy, she teaches you how to connect to your higher self. She’s passionate about guiding you to authentically love yourself by stepping into your own light to shine!

It is her mission to teach you to recognize your energy, your connection, and your gifts. Life is all a matter of energy. She helps you to remove limiting beliefs and discover a life of freedom and happiness. She’s passionate, dedicated, and will challenge you with the highest light and love through your journey of self-discovery. Learn more about Jenny here.

The mission of Jenny Shanks is to provide light, love, and hope to all we encounter. We will inspire and support the human spirit, one connection, one reading, and one event at a time.