With December coming, winter is making its entrance in the Northern Hemisphere. This is the time to go within, to look for depth, inspiration, and new things. This month we welcome two beautiful moons and a solar eclipse. Hello 2021! The December moons paired with crystal guidance will be exactly what you need to get you through this month.

December’s New Moon arrives on the 14th in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius while the Full Moon arrives on the 29th in the zodiac sign of Cancer. A New Moon is all about setting your intentions and being alert for new opportunities coming your way. The Full Moon is all about finishing the intentions you had set during the previous New Moon. It often marks the end of a growth phase.In December we also celebrate the Winter Solstice, the rebirth of the Sun, which holds powerful energy for regeneration, renewal, and self-reflection. The Winter Solstice marks the day where light reigned over darkness and it is believed to be a sign for good things to come. It is a time of quiet energy, an opportunity to look within and focus on what you want and need. It is time to set your goals and intentions for the coming year.

December New Moon + Crystal Guidance

Just as powerful as the Full Moon is the New Moon. While we are releasing all the energy that no longer serves us in the Full Moon, in the New Moon we are setting our intentions for the upcoming month.

With the arrival of the New Moon in Sagittarius on December 14th, the future looks bright. This New Moon invites you to look for opportunities and to set goals. With a Moon in Sagittarius, you have an optimistic approach to life and you believe things will turn out for the best. Use this moon to stretch your limitations in every way. A moon in Sagittarius makes you comfortable with change.

December’s New Moon, which is the last one this year, is also a solar eclipse. This is the time to set out your intentions and to welcome abundance. Sagittarius is all about freedom, making this the perfect time to make plans and start new projects with focus and presence.

Green Aventurine (left), Lapis Lazuli (middle top), Citrine (right)

New Moon Crystal Guidance

  • Lapis Lazuli harmonizes the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. It stimulates both wisdom and peace and helps you to gain a clear perspective of the situation. It gives self-confidence and helps you to find your way back. Affirmation – My life moves effortlessly.
  • Citrine is an energizing stone and helps you to attract abundance and prosperity into your life. It is said that the stone holds the energy of the sun, providing happiness, courage, hope, and warmth.  Citrine boosts your self-confidence which makes it the perfect crystal when starting something new. Affirmation – I am filled with light, joy, and abundance.
  • Green Aventurine promotes a positive and easy-going attitude towards life. It stimulates your mind, creativity, motivation, and independence, and helps to clear the heart of any negative vibrations. Aventurine is known as the stone of opportunity and it is said to be one of the luckiest crystals. Affirmation – I am lucky.

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December Full Moon + Crystal Guidance

December’s Full Moon is the first of the winter season and will arrive on the 29th in Cancer. This moon is also known as the Cold Moon and the Long Night Moon due to its appearance close to December 21st. December’s Full Moon tends to shine longer above the horizon than any other.This month’s Full Moon in Cancer will help you wrap up the year. After the Winter Solstice on December 21st, the light is slowly returning and it is a time to leave things behind and make space for new things to come. Now is the time to release all unwanted baggage. While you evaluate the events of the past year, this is the perfect time for introspection and self-discovery and an invitation to set your goals for the coming twelve months.

Sodalite (left), Rose Quartz (middle), Moonstone (right)

Full Moon Crystal Guidance

  • Sodalite, the stone of self-truth and insight, helps you to communicate with yourself, and brings emotional balance. Affirmation – I communicate clearly with myself.
  • Moonstone is highly aligned to the female energy of the Universe and is known as the stone of new beginnings. It brings insight and intuition and helps you to create the space you need to start your new adventure. Affirmation – I am ready to grow into a higher version of myself.
  • Rose Quartz is the stone of love and offers you unconditional love, forgiveness, peace, and compassion. It helps you to reduce stress and tension and supports/allows you to express love and care towards yourself and others. Rose Quartz can be used to attract love into your life and maintain happy loving relationships. Affirmation – I am compassionate and kind.

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Keep in mind

As we are entering the last month of this year, remember to take the time to embrace the silence and go within. Supported by the New moon in Sagittarius and the Full Moon in Cancer, December is the perfect time to wrap up the year and set up your intentions for the coming twelve months. Affirmation – I release all that no longer serves me. I release all fears and limiting beliefs that prevent me from being my best self. I embrace all the hope and positivity the new year will bring.