The end of the year has made its way to us, ready or not. Rounding out the year transitioning from Sagittarius to Capricorn season, it is the time to wrap things up with a bow, get everything cleared, and bring in some structure, plans, and innovation for 2022. 

The month begins with a New Moon in Sagittarius on December 4, starting us out with a big bang of optimism and adventure as we move into the holidays. Sag moons (of any phase) are a moment of clarity and positivity, allowing some reprieve of the stress and hustle that is seemingly ever-present these days. 

Later on, just before the Winter Solstice (December 21), we have a Full Moon in Gemini on December 19. This moon will nicely follow the New Moon energy, bringing in Christmastime with the chatty, social, and witty Gemini vibes. Be careful of drama and backtalk here – Gemini can be catty and can have a hard time holding its tongue. Full Moon in Gemini energy is sure to bring the party, so get ready for some mercurial convos around the dinner table.

December 2021 New and Full Moon Crystal Guidance

December New Moon + Crystal Guidance

New Month, New Moon, New Me. A New Moon in Sagittarius on December 4 brings in a perfect portal of energy to manifest things for the highest good. Not just for you, but for the collective as well. Sagittarius is known for hopeful optimism, so think and dream big. 

This moon will also shine that bright light on some shadows you may have lurking below. Give yourself tons of grace and reframe all of that tough work into knowing that you are becoming your best self and bringing in the life, relationships, and energy that you truly align with.

New Moon Crystal Guidance

December 2021 New Moon Crystals
Citrine (left), Turquoise (right), Topaz (bottom)
  • Topaz  brings clarity, love, and purpose. Used for big manifestations and positive energy.
  • Citrine  is the ultimate abundance stone. Perfect for bringing in prosperous vibes, energy, and joy.
  • Turquoise  is a stone that emits vibrations of protection, peace, good fortune and cleanses negativity.

December New Moon Affirmations

  • I expect the best in my life.
  • Good things are on their way to me.
  • My most abundant timeline is forming for me.

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December Full Moon + Crystal Guidance

The Full Moon in Gemini on December 19 kicks off a series of ultra high energy – first the Full Moon, then the Solstice, the changing of Sag season to Capricorn, and then, of course, Christmas. Get ready for some full emotions and some energy clearing of the highest need. 

The Full Moon in a mutable air sign like Gemini means that conversations are to be had, and communication isn’t always clear. Make sure anything that you say is crystal clear and laced with pure positive intention. Gemini is chatty and whip-smart, so you won’t be getting anything past anyone (including your own subconscious). Release the need to show up as someone you are not and trust that the Universe is divinely guiding you through the chaos.

Full Moon Crystal Guidance

December 2021 Full Moon Crystal Guidance
Howlite (left), Sodalite (right), Malachite (bottom)
  • Malachite is perfect for protection and brings forward energetic cleansing, strength, and confidence.
  • Sodalite helps clear communication, confidence, and emotional balance. Use for a boost in self-esteem and self-trust.
  • Howlite is used for inspiration and creativity, calms busy minds, and can help with patience in everyday situations.

December Full Moon Affirmations

  • I am a clear channel for beauty, positivity, and inspiration.
  • I am an effective communicator with myself and others.
  • My words and actions reflect my highest self.

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Moon Rituals and Crystal Guidance

Keep in Mind

December, while busy, is energetically an amazing time to bring your year to a close. Moving into Capricorn, goals become a great place to focus, and the clarity you have gotten from the month will aid in those. Remember, you control your energy and vibration. Bring your 2021 together and celebrate how far you have come. The mission of Jenny Shanks, LLC is to inspire and support the human spirit through connection and education. We will share light, love, and hope with all we encounter in the human world and in the spirit world.

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