The May Full Moon in Scorpio is full of big feelings and emotions – we’re sharing our suggestions for crystals and the May 2019 Full Moon. Full Moons are a time for us to reflect back upon our intentions we made earlier in the month with the New Moon. The May Full Moon in Scorpio might challenge you during this time.

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WoooWEE! Nothing like a good ol’ Scorpio full moon, hey, Do you want some deep, emotional, and watery feels? Here it is. Scorpio likes to bring up some big feelings – often anger, fear, and nightmares are a common theme. Don’t fret though; this moon reminds us that we are the bosses and have control over our destiny. We are the ones with the reigns,and when put to good use,Scorpio energy takes the best of us and ties it with a fervor and dedication like no other.

May Full Moon in Scorpio

Full Moon May 18, 2019

Full moons help us to reflect on the intentions we made earlier in the month and course correct where we feel we need to pivot. The full moon illuminates the path and helps us shed the things that aren’t working for us.

Both Taurus (the earlier new moon placement) and Scorpio are fixed signs, and this means that May is a month where we need to lock in on our close relationships with others and with ourselves. Having the security to focus in on our intentions, in a safe and loving environment surrounded by those we love, is key with this full moon.

Self-Care with the May 2019 Full Moon

Because the May 2019 Full Moon may bring forth some deep emotions, below are five self-care practices to try during this full moon phase.

  1. Lighten Your Load

    We know that energy runs high during the full moon, but this particular Full Moon in Scorpio may be a doozy, so take time to lighten your load. Clear your calendar and make plenty of time for rest and reflection.

  2. Journal

    Scorpio likes to bring up big feelings and emotions so take this time of reflection to get them out onto paper. As they surface, journal about them and let go of what no longer serves you.

  3. Cleanse your space

    Full moons are a great time to cleanse your personal space. This process will help shift that high energy that the full moon brings in. Read through how to easily smudge your home and get that energy shifting!

  4. Meditate

    Take time to gather your full moon crystals and meditate as a form of reflection. Use this meditation to support any challenging decisions you may need to make, or transformation you may be undergoing.

  5. Complete a Full Moon Ritual

    My Simple Full Moon Ritual is a perfect companion and you can get it for FREE. I hope that you enjoy using this ritual as a way to welcome positivity into your life and help manifest your hopes and dreams. If you want to take your Full Moon Ritual a step further, check out my 10-Step Full Moon ritual – a 10-step process all about emphasizing to yourself?and to the Universe you are READY to let go as you make way for yourself to TAKE ACTION!

Crystal Suggestions for the Full Moon in Scorpio May 2019

  • Bloodstone – Helps to bring us back to balance embodying our whole self.
  • Amethyst – Helps guide us to make decisions that might be challenging during this time.
  • Labradorite – This stone allows for transformation, digging deep into your subconscious.

Happy Full Moon, everyone!!

xo Jenny

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