The June New Moon in Gemini is here which means it’s time to understand how to bring forth those intentions with your crystals and the June 2019 New Moon. The new moon is a great time to revisit old intentions and also lay the foundation for new. The chosen crystals for this particular new moon can support you as you set your new intentions.

crystals and the June 2019 new moon

Setting Intentions with Crystals and the June 2019 New Moon

June already? With warmer weather (hopefully!) here and the beginning of summer, this new moon really wants you to get moving, get a plan together, and get social! If you have goals from the first quarter of the year that you still are working towards, taking a step back and seeing if you can outsource or get help would be beneficial here. Gemini is social and outgoing, so keep that in mind!

Gemini is also known to be scattered and all over the place, so really make sure that you have a solid plan in place on how to execute your new moon intentions. This moon can bring in a need for spontaneity, and there is definitely a place for fun among all of this energy. Make your plan, then get out there and live your life. Gather with friends, host a meal or book that speaking gig you have always dreamed of. Now is always the best time.

Celebrate the June New Moon in Gemini with a New Moon Ritual

As always, my Simple New Moon Ritual is a perfect companion for your New Moon activities and you can get it for FREE. I hope that you enjoy using this ritual as a way to welcome positivity into your life and help manifest your hopes and dreams. If you want to dive deeper into that New Moon realness, check out my 19-Step New Moon ritual to take you into truly manifesting your intentions.

Crystal Suggestions for the June 2019 New Moon in Gemini.

moonstone, celestine, shungite
  • Moonstone — This stone allows you to accept and brace change as you work with your inner guides
  • Celestite — This crystal helps you to release your mind from all the ?scatter?
  • Shungite — An amazing stone to help clear emotional debris, allowing us to take a step back as we set forth our new moon intentions.

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Happy New Moon, everyone!!

xo Jenny