The June Full Moon in Sagittarius is here and it’s time to revisit those previous goals and intentions with your crystals and the June 2019 Full Moon. Lucky Jupiter is the planetary ruler of Sagittarius, and combining that with the illumination of a full moon is sure to keep you feeling shiny and new. Searching for meaning and pivoting is a specialty for this sign, and the selected crystals for this month’s new moon can support you as you revisit those previous intentions.

pinterest image for crystals and the June 2019 full moon

Revisiting old intentions with crystals and the June 2019 Full Moon.

Optimism is a big theme for this moon, so keep that cup half full (or all the way full!) while you work through it. The enthusiasm from this moon can tempt you into jumping full force into something that you may not have planned well, so keep a close eye on your readiness and make sure that you are truly prepared. Also, be aware of flakiness – that optimism can be the most well-intentioned, but make sure you can follow through.

The full moon is a time to reflect back upon the seeds we previously planted. Combining this with the feelings of optimism that Sagittarius brings means it’s a good time to not only reflect but also look to the horizon. This moon phase is the perfect time to focus on long-term goals.

Harness the full power of the June 2019 Full Moon in Sagittarius

As always, my Simple Full Moon Ritual is a perfect companion for your Full Moon activities and you can get it for FREE. I hope that you enjoy using this ritual as a way to release whatever negativity exists in your life —  negative relationships, worries, etc. If you want to dive deeper into that Full Moon realness, check out my 10-Step New Moon ritual to take you deeper into manifesting your intentions.

Crystal Suggestions for the June 2019 Full Moon in Sagittarius

three crystals: aventurine, clear quartz, and sodalite

  1. Aventurine — This stone is all about encouraging us to seek adventure.
  2. Clear Quartz — Creating a space for clarity and optimism.
  3. Sodalite — This stone helps us clear mental confusion and re-establish our inner peace strengthen between thoughts and feelings.

Happy Full Moon, everyone!!

xo, Jenny

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