This year, the July Full Moon will be Tuesday, July 16, 2019, as a partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn. If you aren’t familiar with Lunar Eclipses, they are basically supercharged Full Moons. On any Full Moon, we do the work to manifest dreams by releasing vibrations which block our growth and potential. A Lunar Eclipse gives us the energy to go from seeing our dreams to living them.

Full Moon

an Earth sign, is home to the tenth house. It houses our career, reputation, and commitments. When we can match what we display of these things on the outside, with who we really are on the inside, we are in alignment.

The Capricorn
Full Moon allows us to return to our center. Spend some time looking within at your core values and intentions.

  • What is important to you?
  • What are your goals?
  • Is how you?re interacting with the
    outside world aligned with your core?

During this
Full Moon, release anything that distracts you and doesn’t align with your inner self. Take stock of your life and make sure you?re reflecting the things that are most important to you. If you aren’t, make a plan to get back on track and always return home to your center.

We should all strive to live with integrity. If you are confident in who you are, you live from a place of integrity. Your choices will reflect how secure you are in yourself. You?ll start to realize you are your own unique person, with your own unique gifts. This realization is what will allow you to reach new heights in all aspects of your life.

Sometimes the thought of looking within is overwhelming. Looking within takes practice and an ability to be open to the idea. You have to honest and willing to face your deepest emotions, shadows, and fears. Even though this step may seem hard at first, the reward is huge. You will learn who you really are, thus moving closer to living with alignment.

Once you’ve looked within, ask yourself if you’ re showing up as the real you in all aspects of your life. Make sure you aren’t showing others what you think they want to see. Show them who you really are.

Letting others see the real you can be scary and feel vulnerable because you’re taking a chance of being rejected or judged. But once we realize we can’t control how others see us it makes it seem a little less scary.

We should all want to live with integrity. Living with integrity means you’re living in alignment with your core principles, no matter what it costs. You aren’t easily swayed by others opinions and you show up as your true self, always. But to do this, you must know who you truly are.

Align with the Lunar Eclipse to shed things which keep you from living with integrity. Understanding your true self will help you build an authentic life.

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Capricorn Meditation

Capricorn is all about focus and concentration. Meditation will help settle your mind and organize your thoughts so you can fully align with the Capricorn Full Moon. For more insight on meditation, read my post Adding Meditation to Your Daily

July Full Moon Crystals

Use these suggested crystals to, along with the energy of the Lunar Eclipse to clear away old energies and create new ones.

Capricorn Full Moon

  • Amethyst — Amethyst helps develop your sense of trust and raising your vibrations aligning your inner and outer worlds.
  • Fluorite — Capricorns want to be the best of the best. At times this can lead them into a judgmental state of mind. This stone is wonderful for cleansing and healing your own energy, allowing zero space for negativity.
  • Malachite — This is a powerful stone for transformations and manifesting. It’s about personal growth and change. It helps to draw things out so you can align your inner and outer worlds, stepping into your own light.