The July New Moon in Leo takes place Tuesday, July 30, 2019. Leo, who is ruled by the Sun and the center of the solar system, reminds us to just be grateful for life. No matter what happens in life, between the good and the bad, we should know that life is worth living. Leo reminds us to truly enjoy life and connect with things that bring us true joy and happiness.

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The Season of Leo

The Season of Leo is a time of self-expression. It’s a time to truly embrace your uniqueness and who you really are and throw caution to the wind. Do what makes you happy without worrying what others think or how they will view you. Really connect with your true self and be YOU, even if it seems a little scary.

Living as your authentic self will open you up to so many opportunities. Showing up as yourself will attract your tribe. You’ll find those that believe in the same fundamental things you do and that’s where you’ll find true belonging. That’s where you’ll find those that encourage you to be yourself and shine. And that’s where you’ll find the power to change the world.

When we live as our authentic self, we find joy and happiness. Connecting with joy and happiness is what heals us. Let the Season of Leo heal you with uncontrollable laughter, simple gratitude, or losing yourself so much in a moment you forget time even exists. Truly celebrate your joy, happiness, gratitude, yourself, and your authenticity.

Sun in Leo

Are you someone who has your Sun in Leo? You are full of excitement, charm, humor, and would make a great leader. You love to love and spread your love to others. But you can also get your feelings hurt when you don’t feel appreciated and this could lead to drama. Take care to ask for what you need with grace.

Moon in Leo

Do you have your Moon in Leo? You have no problem showing your emotions and are a great example of how to be vulnerable gracefully. You also have a need for approval and must learn to let that go so that you aren’t looking for praise and attention.

Tips for Living an Authentic Life

Since the Season of Leo is all about living as your authentic self, we wanted to give you some tips on how to do just that. Living authentically allows you to show up as your true self and live in a way of self-acceptance. It allows you to live a more fulfilled life surrounded by people that know, support, and love the inner you, at your core.

  • Self-Awareness. You can’t live an authentic life if you don’t know who you really are. In order to truly know yourself, you need to become self-aware of your true desires. One way to do this is to journal about things you know about yourself. It could be anything! 
  • Know Your Strengths. It can be too easy to focus on the things you aren’t good at, but by focusing on your strengths, you’ll stop taking those traits for granted. Journal about your strengths to help focus on the positive.
  • Know Your Weaknesses. No one is perfect, so knowing your weaknesses keeps you from living in a way that isn’t authentic. One way to journal about this is to finish this statement — I love myself even though I’m not the best at….
  • Be Aware of Your Inauthentic Behaviors. As hard as you try, you may find yourself slipping into inauthentic behaviors, and that’s ok. Instead of judging yourself, simply be aware of it and learn what triggers those behaviors so that you can shift back into your authentic self.
  • Let Your Freak Flag Fly, meaning embrace what makes you different. The things that make you unique are what makes you awesome. You’re never going to please everyone, so stop trying! Live in a way that brings you true joy and happiness.

July New Moon Crystals

For the Season of Leo, you’ll need to surround yourself with crystals that will encourage you to connect with your true self.

  • Pyrite. Pyrite is linked to the third chakra, home to our willpower and identity. Pyrite encourages us to assert our energy into the world. Carry it with you to feel the power from within and help give you direction on where to lead yourself next.
  • Carnelian. Carnelian can rid other stones of their negative energies, along with ridding the body and spirit of sorrow and grief. Carnelian is good to have with you during periods of transition. It can also help you to feel your inner child and give you powerful insights.
  • Citrine. Citrine helps us manifest anything we desire, dispel negative energies and never needs cleansing. It never takes on frequencies that aren’t a part of its core essence. What a powerful reminder to always stay true to yourself.

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Whatever the way you explore the New Moon, find your true joy and happiness and live as authentically as possible!