The next new moon is just around the corner – here are our suggestions for setting new intentions with crystals and the April New Moon. This month’s new moon is in Aries. New moons are always a time for us to set forth intentions of new beginnings. Aries are known to be spontaneous, daring, courage, energetic and action-orientated, which is great for new moon intentions

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Setting Intentions with Crystals and the April New Moon

The April New Moon in Aries is all about helping you take that leap of faith. When you decide to move forward two things will happen – you leave behind what you knew, and you start developing a new journey. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and it’s about birth and awakening. Aries is also a fire sign which is all about ambition, focus, and determination.

How to set intentions with the April New Moon

  1. Clear Space

    Take time to clear space for your new moon ritual. Pick a quiet spot in your house where you can be uninterrupted for 30-60 minutes.

  2. Gather your crystals

    Gather your crystals and take a few moments to close your eyes and cycle through a few deep breaths – clearing the energy inside you and opening up space for new intentions.

  3. Set your new intentions

    Write down 2-3 new intentions you want to manifest during this moon cycle.

  4. Visualize your intentions

    If you’d like, you can go a step further by closing your eyes and visualize your new intentions as if they’ve already happened – feeling into each new intention.

  5. Complete a New Moon Ritual

    My Simple New Moon Ritual is a perfect companion and you can get it for FREE. I hope that you enjoy using this ritual as a way to welcome positivity into your life and help manifest your hopes and dreams. If you want to take your New Moon Ritual a step further, check out my 19-Step New Moon ritual to take you deeper into manifesting your intentions.

Crystal Suggestions for the New Moon in Aries April 2019

Four crystals laying on a white table - amethyst, green aventurine, fluorite, and emerald.

  • Amethyst – The energy of Aries is almost blind due to the tunnel vision focus. Amethyst can help provide spiritual guidance by being sure your focus is directed towards your goals.
  • Green Aventurine – It is an earthy stone that encourages growth and abundance. Pair this crystal with the energy of the Aries and you are on the road to success. This crystal is great at opening the mind while providing stability, which is the energy Aries needs in order for you to focus on achieving your goals.
  • Fluorite ? It is great for balancing the energy around you, providing guidance with intellect, insight and focus. This stone is known for its ability to increase psychic communication.
  • Emerald – With new beginnings at times we need to find hope. This stone provides hope and prosperity during your new start.

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