The April Full Moon in Libra is almost here – we’re sharing our suggestions for crystals and the April Full Moon. Full Moons are a time to look at the seeds you planted during the new moon and release anything that may be holding you back from letting yourself grow.

The energy of Libra is centered around being focused and creating tranquility and harmony around you! Often known as the peacemaker, Libra’s find themselves seeking imbalances to fix because they love when their world is in balance. Libra?s want everyone to be happy and are full of positive energy ? however, they have a hard time making decisions.

three crystals for the April Full Moon

Letting Go during the April Full Moon

Full Moon April 19, 2019 ??
7:12am EST

When the Full Moon is in Libra, and coming right out of the New Moon of Aries ? you might find yourself going from one end of the spectrum {Aries ? direct, focused, action-orientated} to the other {Libra ? peacemaker, difficult time making decisions}. You might find yourself second-guessing your decisions. However, with a few easy actions, you can ease your second-guessing and manifest your intentions with ease.

Five easy things to do during the April Full Moon

  1. Relax!

    Energy is HIGH during a full moon – which is why it’s a great time to sit back and reflect. What’s been serving you well? What hasn’t? What can you release and let go? Take this time to pause and reflect.

  2. Let Go

    As you observe and reflect back upon what’s no longer serving you – this is also a great time to release and let go. My Simple Full Moon Ritual is a perfect companion to walk you through this process.

  3. Charge your crystals

    The bright full moon – with its energy running high – is the perfect time to charge your crystals. Lay them out in a window sill or even set them outside where they can absorb the light and energy of the full moon.

  4. Cleanse your space

    Speaking of letting go – this is also a great time to cleanse your space and shift out any of that lingering negative energy. I recently shared five easy ways to?go about clearing negative energy in your home.

  5. Complete a Full Moon Ritual

    My Simple Full Moon Ritual is a perfect companion and you can get it for FREE. I hope that you enjoy using this ritual as a way to welcome positivity into your life and help manifest your hopes and dreams. If you want to take your Full Moon Ritual a step further, check out my 10-Step Full Moon ritual – a 10-step process all about emphasizing to yourself?and to the Universe you are?READY?to let go as you?make way for yourself to?TAKE ACTION!

Crystal Suggestions for the Full Moon in Libra April 2019

three crystals for the April Full Moon
  • Celestite — This stone is wonderful at creating the space for peace and helps maintain the harmony in all relationships.?
  • Lapis Lazuli ? This crystal is wonderful at helping you find your voice and speaking up when you might find it challenging. It’s also good for supporting you to trust your intuition.
  • Moonstone ? This stone helps to balance the yin and feminine energy within the body – great for coming out of Aries and into Libra. It also aids in supporting your intuition.?

Make the most of your Crystals and the April Full Moon!

I now offer a new Moon Cycle Card spread! With each phase?we move through the cycle with guidance from intention setting, to action, to nurturing & supporting, releasing, and then replanting the seed again.

Enjoy a monthly Moon Cycle Spread to provide you guidance with the Moon Cycle ahead from New Moon to New Moon!

Happy Full Moon, everyone!!

xo Jenny

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